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Stay productive and engaged working from home

A guide supporting remote workers

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The Hoffice

How to get the best out of your home office environment


We all know how important video is to a video conference. But what’s more important than video? Audio. Watch our best practice tips on video conferencing from home.
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This episode of The Hoffice explores cameras and camera placement. Watch our best practice tips on lifting your video game for high-performance video meetings from home.
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Being Present

Watch our 4 best practice principles on how to stay present and engaged during a videoconference call.
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Why is lighting important? In this episode of The Hoffice, we cover how lighting can impact the performance of your video call. Watch our best practice tips to help you look your best.
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This episode explores the environment around you and its importance when planning a video meeting. Watch our best practice tips setting yourself up in the right surroundings.
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This episode looks at backdrops – what to consider and what to avoid. Watch our best practice tips on setting up a great video conference.
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Tips for working from home

shutterstock_1692076960-15 surprising things I’ve learned as a remote worker. 

When I first became a home-based worker, I was concerned that I would feel isolated. I was nervous I would be bored and struggle to find work to do. Sure, I had the means to communicate with my coworkers, but would it... (Read more).


video and meet at the same time

Leading in a Changed World


Enjoy our video interview series with authors, world record holders, body language experts, clinical psychologists, and other industry leaders.

Each speaker explores the age of innovation and how to lead and thrive in a changed world.


Getting started with video meetings

Pexip 26-1How to plan a successful video meeting

Whether you're new to video meetings or simply want to get the most from them, there are a few tips that can help. With a little planning, you can avoid distracting technical issues and keep your meetings as product as possible... (Read more).

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 5.13.53 PMThe 9 most frustrating barriers to joining video meetings

Ever been late to a video meeting because of technical difficulties? It’s okay to raise your hand; we all have. Perhaps you couldn’t find the link to join, or you had to wait for a plugin to download, or you were forced to install an... (Read more).

Pexip 24Just meet (let us take care of the technology)

Imagine: Every week you invite some friends over to your place for dinner. Sometimes it's the same people, sometimes a new friend wants to join. But… they all arrive with their own type of transport and their own route. Car, speed boat... (Read more).

Pexip 20-1Easy getting started guide for video meetings on the Pexip service 

Pexip's virtual meeting rooms (VMRs) support easy video collaboration from any device or web browser. It's easy to get started meeting people with high-quality, professional video conferencing. Meet anyone, anywhere, in... (Read more).



How employers can support their remote workforce

remote-workerHow to build a great culture for remote workers

Granting your employees the ability to work from other locations than the office is proven to increase efficiency and contribute to a better work-life balance. In fact, it fosters a 50% lower turnover and 17% higher... (Read more).

Untitled-1How Pexip created a telework policy to support its culture of remote work

As a video conferencing company, remote work is in our DNA. In fact, roughly half of our employees work from home offices around the world, where they can easily meet with customers, partners, and colleagues using our own video... (Read more).

faces-01Video communications: The natural choice for business continuity in response to Coronavirus

Concern around the spread of Coronavirus has accelerated many of the collaboration trends we already see in the market today, especially around distributed workforces, the need for workplace flexibility, and a growing focus on... (Read more).

dylan-ferreira-Y-9YbfWHR3k-unsplashData privacy is paramount for video communications, and Pexip is committed to keeping your data secure

As more workers stay home to reduce the risk of Covid-19 exposure, the need for collaboration solutions that help maintain productivity and connect remote... (Read more).

sven-brandsma-RUo6p124tRQ-unsplashHow to support mental health and well-being for remote workers

Already it’s been quite a year. In Australia, not only has work, school and general lifestyle been impacted greatly by the implementation of Covid-19 measures, many rural communities are still recovering from the... (Read more).



Using video for distance learning

laptopHow video can support remote learning

Video conferencing has made a huge impact on the way we do business and interact with people across the globe. But it also holds tremendous impact for the education sector. Video is changing how - and where - students learn... (Read more).

IU_Trident_ImageUsing Pexip for online classes: A student's perspective

I loathe online courses. As a university student who attains deep understanding of subject matter through dynamic interpersonal settings and thought-provoking dialogue with professors, online courses are often a woefully... (Read more).

remote learningHow Indiana University improved student attendance rates by 50% using video

Today, one would be hard-pressed to find a university that does not offer online courses, if not entire degree programs. Student enrollment in online courses has steadily increased in
the last fifteen years. According to a recent... (Read more).



Using video for telehealth and business continuity

telehealthKeep telehealth simple to use for providers and patients 

The telehealth market is poised for growth with $431 million in venture capital investment being poured into startups in the space this year. What’s the appeal? Telehealth, or telemedicine, enables physicians to deliver care services to... (Read more).


remote-workChoosing the right telehealth platform: 5 factors to consider

Today’s healthcare organizations face tremendous pressure to deliver high-quality care and improve patient satisfaction, all while reducing costs. As hospitals adapt to new value-based care models, telehealth can be a great way to... (Read more).



Daily Distractions

Need a quick break during your workday? Here are a few resources that can help.