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Oslo, October 25, 2022


Pexip, a leading global video technology company, launches Pexip Marketplace, the company’s new online hub for video-powered applications and integrations.


The Marketplace showcases easily browsable use cases and joint solutions built with Pexip’s video technology platform.

“Pexip Marketplace is part of our strategic shift to take video beyond the meeting room. We aim to empower organizations to use the video everywhere. We are their partner in solving transformational challenges, reinventing their brands, and reaching customers in entirely new ways through video technology,” says Leighton Hughes, VP of Video Innovation at Pexip.


“Our Marketplace is making this even easier, enabling customers to search and discover new ways to bring video into their business operations,” he adds.


Pexip also released new resources to support its growing developer community as part of the Marketplace launch. A dedicated developer site,, makes it easy to access Pexip’s SDK, plugins, and code snippets that developers can use to create new solutions, integrate video into workflows, and innovate with Pexip’s award-winning platform. Developers can also interact with each other, learn more about building with Pexip, share ideas, and ask questions via


“Our technology is built as a platform, enabling customers to easily build solutions and elevate their products and services with video inside,” says Jordan Owens, VP of Video Innovation at Pexip. “What sets us apart is that Pexip integrates easily with third parties and adheres to the strictest security standards in the world. We also offer a robust set of integrations and APIs to take any workflow or use case to the next level with video.”


Video is solving challenges across multiple industries. Pexip is focused on three strategic areas for growth in the VPaaS space:

  • Healthcare: bringing video technology to virtual waiting rooms, telehealth solutions, healthcare devices like “exam cams,” and advanced solutions for seminars and therapy sessions.

  • Customer & citizen engagement: powering video connections for virtual courtroom hearings, customer contact centers, retail services, banking, and more.

  • Extended reality: enabling frontline workers with video and wearable technology in the field and providing access to experts and critical support.

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Pexip is a video communication platform that empowers large enterprises and public sector organizations to transform their interactions with video. Pexip's unique core technology provides simplified collaboration for connected spaces, privacy, and business continuity for secure spaces, and customized connections for innovative video applications. The solution is sold through over 300 channel partners in 75 countries and used in 190 countries. Pexip was listed on the Oslo stock exchange in May 2020.



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