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With 'back to the office' initiatives and new hybrid working models, higher bandwidth and a solid video network is even more critical.  Pexip is therefore proud to launch Direct Peering, a private connection between your company and the Pexip Service.


With this, your users can participate in meetings on the service without traversing the public internet. When using a private connection you experience:

  • More consistent call quality
  • Network performance
  • Reliability, by avoiding common Internet bottlenecks
  • Better manage traffic flows

With Direct Peering, your data will never touch the Internet and you can therefore also benefit from greater privacy and reduced risk of a man-in-the-middle attack. (Of course, regardless of whether you're using peering or not, your application traffic is always protected by encryption on the Pexip Service.)




Pexip supports this service in twelve Pexip Cloud sites around the world: Amsterdam, Ashburn (VA), Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, Oslo, San Jose (CA), Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto.


You can benefit from peering when in meetings that are hosted on or served by the Pexip Service, including Microsoft Teams meetings joined via Pexip's Cloud Video Interop (CVI) service and Google Meet meetings joined via Pexip's Google Meet integration. You can use the hardware video endpoint or soft client that you would normally use to join the meeting. You just need to be connected to your peered network.


Pexip Direct Peering provides a consistent and quality video network and will ensure your users and customers have the best experience in every call!



Find out more about the benefits of Direct Peering with a secure, high speed and low latency experience. Your Pexip representative is also more than happy to answer any questions around this new offering.


  • Meet & collaborate securely
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