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Virtual court solution for video hearings

Improve the efficiency of operations, reduce no-shows of witnesses, and extend access to the justice system. Faster access to justice for everyone.

The justice system is under pressure

49 weeks
The average time to deal with a care case in the family court.
Source: Crown Courts

A digital platform designed to modernize the judicial system

Efficient, accessible, and manageable online court proceedings.

Encrypted, secure video conferencing

Join court hearings remotely, promoting transparency and inclusivity, while ensuring the highest standards of privacy and data protection.

Man researching court solutions online
hearings per day
Number of hearings running on Pexip per day for His Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS), United Kingdom.

Adapted to the way justice systems work

The Pexip Virtual Courts adapts to the way justice systems work – enabling a judge to be a judge.
Preliminary hearings

Use for preliminary hearings, like arraignments or bail hearings – saves time and resources for the court and the individuals.

Witness testimony

Witnesses, including experts, can provide their testimony remotely. Useful when witnesses are in different geographical locations or they feel intimidated in a traditional courtroom setting.

Family law

In sensitive cases such as child custody, divorce, or domestic violence, the comfort and safety of the home environment might be preferable for the involved parties.

Enable court hearings to take place remotely

Beneficial in situations where it may not be possible or convenient for individuals to be physically present in a courtroom.
Improve accessibility

Help those who may not be able to attend court in person due to distance, physical disabilities, or other barriers.

Increase security

Eliminate the need for transportation to and from the court, reducing potential security risks for incarcerated individuals.

Expidite proceedings

Streamline administrative tasks and proceedings – more efficient court processes, reducing the backlog of cases. Making the justice system faster and more accessible.

Lower transportation cost & emissions

Reduce cost and emissions by eliminating the need for transportation to and from the court.

Save costs

Achieve considerable savings by reducing the costs associated with physical courtrooms, such as maintenance, utilities, and transportation.

Ensure continuity

Continue legal proceedings without major disruptions in cases of natural disasters or pandemics, where traditional courtrooms might not be accessible.

Efficient, accessible, and manageable online court proceedings

Seamless interoperability

Remote hearings can take place regardless of location, video meeting platform, or hardware. This means participants can conveniently join from any device such as a laptop, webcam-enabled PC, browser, mobile device, or using an existing courtroom video system.

Security-first collaboration

Pexip’s enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to maintain privacy and security for end-user devices and all participants in hearings.

Easy to use

The Pexip Virtual courts solution adapts to the way people work and integrates seamlessly with the technology already being used in the courts. The result is an intuitive and consistent experience in every courtroom, so participants can get right down to business.
Seamless interoperability
Security-first collaboration
Easy to use Virtual courts solution

Unique challenges requires tailored technology

Tailor for different types of proceedings, clients and legal jurisdictions

Facilitate a variety of technology configurations, including rigorous security protocols. Catering for how lawyers are accustomed to work to accommodate existing habits and workflows.