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Pexip Virtual Courts

Empowering courts to improve the efficiency of operations, reduce no-shows of witnesses, and extend access to the justice system.



Pexip Virtual Courts

Enabling true-to-life, security-first, virtual court flows

Across the globe, judiciaries trust Pexip to deliver technology for virtual and hybrid court hearings, video arraignments, virtual interactions in corrections systems, and policing.
The Pexip Virtual Courts solution is purpose-built for courts to simplify, modernize, and enhance communications and proceedings in courtrooms, enabling courts to improve operational efficiencies, reduce no-shows, save time, and reduce costs. 

The remote court environment replicates the workflow of a hearing using an adaptable set of:
  • User roles, including strong authentication
  • Room configurations 
  • Workflow automation rules
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Why do global judiciaries choose Pexip for their virtual and hybrid court sessions?

Seamless interoperability
Remote hearings can take place regardless of location, video meeting platform, or hardware. This means participants can conveniently join from any device such as a laptop, webcam-enabled PC, browser, mobile device, or using an existing courtroom video system.
Security-first collaboration
Pexip’s enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to maintain privacy and security for end-user devices and all participants in hearings.
Easy to use
The Pexip Virtual courts solution adapts to the way people work and integrates seamlessly with the technology already being used in the courts. The result is an intuitive and consistent experience in every courtroom, so participants can get right down to business.

Judicial workflows using Pexip Virtual Courts

Before the hearing

Judicial staff can easily schedule proceedings

This workflow shows how  judicial staff can schedule proceedings: book a date/time/judge in their existing scheduling tools and we will integrate this flow into the Pexip Virtual Courts solution.


During the hearing

Judges have full control over the proceeding 

Defense and prosecution teams remain separate in private, virtual waiting rooms. The judge can then move these groups, or individuals like witnesses, between private waiting rooms and the virtual courtroom at any time during the proceeding.


Pexip Virtual Courts: Rooms

Customer voices:

How do global judiciaries use our video platform?


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