Join Teams meetings from Zoom Rooms. Zoom & Pexip partnership

New solution brings dual-screen support, in-room content sharing, and a Teams-like experience to Zoom Rooms.


Pexip is on a mission to make seamless video communication available to all organizations regardless of technology platforms and security requirements. Our job is to provide universal interoperability across meeting platforms and devices. Today, that mission comes to life with the release of Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms.  


Pexip works with Zoom to simplify connecting a Zoom Room to a Teams meeting. As a high-quality alternative to Direct Guest Join, Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms provides a richer meeting experience with features such as in-room content sharing over HDMI or wireless, combined with full dual-screen support. Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms leverages our industry-proven and Microsoft-certified Cloud Video Interop (CVI) technology for a reliable and consistent experience.   


“We’re excited to engage with Pexip to simplify the Teams meeting join experience when customers elect to use Pexip’s market-leading Teams interoperability solutions with Zoom Rooms. As an open platform, Zoom enables best-in-class collaboration for our customers, whether they’re meeting on Zoom, or invited to a third-party meeting. If that third-party meeting is on Teams, customers may now benefit from an alternative join option supporting Zoom Rooms features that our customers are accustomed to, such as dual-screen display and in-room content sharing,” says Jeff Smith, Head of Product, Meetings and Spaces, Zoom.    


"Our partnership with Pexip has proven to be very successful among our customers. We continue to collaborate on product innovation, driven by our shared commitment to prioritize customer needs. The anticipation for a high-quality solution that allows Zoom Rooms devices to seamlessly join Teams meetings is evident,” says Greg Baribault, VP of Product & Portfolio Management, Hybrid Systems, HP Inc. “By integrating with both new and existing Zoom Rooms devices, we aim to deliver an exceptional, integrated collaboration experience for our customers.” 



3 reasons Zoom customers will love this  


Pexip makes it easier for users to join Teams meetings from a Zoom Room. Recent enhancements in Zoom Rooms administration let customers use their Pexip service as the preferred method to join a Teams meeting. This works for both scheduled meetings and ad-hoc meetings using the meeting ID and passcode.       
Once in the meeting, users will notice three big improvements: 

  1. In-room content sharing – Easily share content to Teams meetings by plugging in the HDMI cable from the Zoom Rooms device to your laptop. Zoom’s wireless content-sharing capabilities are also supported when available.  
  2. Dual-screen support – You won’t see the same video feeds or content replicated across a dual-display Zoom Room screen. Pexip optimizes the use of screen real estate to put the focus on people, even when content is shared.   
  3. Better meeting experience – Pexip’s video-first philosophy balances screen real estate to ensure visual continuity with the far-end speakers and shared content.   

"Pexip's new solution for connecting a Zoom Rooms appliance to Microsoft Teams meetings aligns perfectly with Neat's goal of providing powerful, simple and reliable experiences," said Sherri Pipala, Sr. Director of Global Alliances, Neat. "People want more flexibility and control over their workplace video tech so they can engage, brainstorm and perform at their best. We are pleased to work with Pexip to support this mission."    


With Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms, users will benefit from a familiar experience when joining Teams meetings. This includes seeing notifications like current active speaker and raised hand indicators, transcription and recording started notifications, and a Teams-like look and layout.   


For the IT admin, getting started with Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms is easy. All setup and configuration is done directly within the Zoom admin portal, making it quick to enable the entire organization’s Zoom Rooms devices with just a few clicks.  



Trusted and reliable  


Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms provides a high-quality meeting experience when joining Teams meetings from Zoom Rooms. Pexip’s leadership in universal interoperability is evident through its extensive industry partnerships and technology certifications.   



Who can take advantage of Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms?   


Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms is available now and is compatible with all Windows, Mac and Android Appliance Zoom Rooms systems running Zoom Rooms software version 6.0.0 or newer. To get started, you just need Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms licenses and eligible Zoom Rooms.  



Everything you need to know about Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms 


We’re pretty excited about this new offering, which is why we’ve prepared a whole lot of material to tell you all about it. Dive into our video technology-obsessed world by visiting our newly launched Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms site. 


Find more details in the Connect for Zoom Rooms product sheet.


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