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Learn how Pexip pushes video boundaries and tackles today’s most critical communication challenges.  
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It all starts with communication

Collaboration is essential to human progress. We connect to solve problems and create solutions that improve the world around us. At Pexip, we are dedicated to helping organizations overcome complex communication challenges, enabling them to connect, collaborate and innovate together, easily and securely, in any situation. Our work is based on 3 design principles:

Connect everyone 


To power video everywhere, we make it our mission to connect everyone.


With so many video solutions at play, many face communication challenges. We make it easy for different technologies to talk to each other.


As companies increasingly meet and work remotely, the need for ubiquitous connections between technologies will continue to grow.

Future-proof everything 


Pexip is a resilient, ultra-flexible, and future-proof video platform.


We build technology that lasts—with a solid platform that can adapt to technical advances as the market evolves.


With unparalleled customization and vast deployment flexibility, Pexip can solve any customer challenge today and in the future.

Trust no one


Organizations can deploy Pexip on their own network to ensure complete data control. Even we don’t have access.

Our rigorous testing regime is part of what makes Pexip so secure. We continuously work to prevent any risk of a break-in.

Zero-trust principles are essential to our work, prioritizing the highest security standards and compliance with the latest regulations.

Pexip design principles - connect everyone-2
Pexip design principles - Future-proof everything
Pexip design principles - trust no one

Powering video everywhere

Flexible video technology that powers everything from everyday business meetings to ultra-secure government conferences, doctor’s appointments, and court proceedings.

Bridging the gap between video platforms and meeting rooms

Pexip’s multi-platform technology enables your meeting room equipment to connect to any video meeting platform.

Making every video meeting compliant, private, and secure

Pexip ensures compliance with laws and regulations that require you to have full control of meeting data both in transit and stored data.

Enabling custom video solutions that fit any workflow

Pexip enables organizations to create a unique video solution that fits with workflows and easily adapts to existing equipment, protocols, and integrations.
Unparalleled Interoperability - Pexip Selfhosted Solutions
Robust Security & Compliance - Pexip Selfhosted Solutions
Built as a Platform - Pexip Tehnology Hub

Technology differentiators

Built to last and able to adapt to ever-changing user expectations.

We continue to develop Pexip to solve any video communication challenge your organization has.




Pexip offers organizations complete flexibility and control.


Host Pexip in a public, private, or sovereign cloud, on-premises, or air-gapped environment.


Choose the hosting environment that best suits your needs.



Our unique way of enabling internal and external AI models and databases suits organizations that want to benefit from general or specialist AI features.


With numerous built-in AI capabilities for operational efficiencies, Pexip enables you to utilize industry-specific models trained by yourself or third parties.



Seamlessly integrate Pexip into any video communications workflow, regardless of your industry.


Whether it is justice, healthcare, financial services, defense, government, public sector, or commercial enterprise, Pexip offers a proven solution that ensures quality and stability tailored to your needs.



With 99.97% service uptime and 99.9% customer satisfaction, the proof is in the numbers. 


We do it by continuously challenging ourselves and by tirelessly testing and verifying.


Our unparalleled testing regime ensures quality and stability and drives us towards continuous improvements.



The patent-protected Pexip distributed architecture ensures resiliency, operational efficiency, and unmatched abilities to work on any device in any deployment and across any location worldwide with reduced bandwidth requirements and trusted performance.

PExip video technology - flexible
Pexip video technology - Inteligent
Pexip video technology - customizable
Pexip Video Technology - Proven quality
Pexip video technology - scalable

Unique Pexip features

SIP Guest Join
Join external Teams or Google meetings that don't contain dial-in information for video devices in the invitation.
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P2P calling
Join Webex, Zoom, Google, GoTo and other meetings directly from Microsoft Teams Rooms. Also called SIP Dial Out calling.
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Tailor your platform to reflect your unique brand identity, ensuring a cohesive and personalized join experience for all users.
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AI-powered framing
Get smart layouts that ensure a productive, interactive experience, allowing participants to focus on the meeting, not the technology.
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Prevent unauthorized access, thus ensuring the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of your information. 
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Allow users to connect, share content, and communicate effectively regardless of the technology or service they are using. 
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Teams-like experiences
Get a near-native Teams experience regardless of the device you join from with industry-leading Teams interoperability capabilities.
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Deployment flexibility
Deploy on-premises, in a private cloud, public cloud, air-gapped or hybrid solution to meet your compliance requirements. 
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One-Touch Join
Simply join any meeting you are invited to at the touch of a button. 
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Integrations (and APIs)
Integrate with your existing work environment's tools, systems, and programs to enable optimal productivity.
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Management and reporting with audit trails
Efficiently administer your users, settings, and features from one unified interface, allowing for easy configuration and customizations.
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Support for GCC, GCCH, GCCDoD
Compliance with the specific security, compliance, and regulatory requirements of these distinct government cloud environments. 

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