This privacy notice covers the Pexip service, which is a branded service owned and operated by Pexip AS, Pexip branded products, software, and websites.

This notice outlines how and why we collect, store, and process the personal information of users that interact with us, visiting our websites, using our services, using our interactive applications, or other products and services, including software downloads. This privacy notice explains several matters including the following:
  1. How we collect your data
  2. The type of data we collect
  3. How we use the data we collect
  4. How long we retain your data for 
  5. Personal data and third-parties
  6. Protection and security of personal data
  7. Access and control of your personal data
  8. Our commitment to GDP
  9. Future changes to our privacy notice

1. How we collect your data

We may collect a variety of information depending on how you interact with us, the Pexip Service or products, or our websites. This information can be collected using direct interactions, automation, or third parties. Here’s more information about these methodologies:

1.1 Direct interactions
We may receive your personal data directly when you, for example:
  • Contact us directly, e.g. using email, chat, or contact forms
  • Request marketing information to be sent to you
  • Sign-up and use the Pexip service as a direct user
  • Purchase a product or service
  • Download software
  • Participate in an online survey
  • Submit an application
  • Provide us feedback


1.2 Automated technologies or interactions
When you use our website or our services, we may collect technical data about your computing system and browsing activity. This data is gathered by employing cookies and related tools. To learn more about the cookies we utilise on this site please refer to our cookie notice.

1.3 Third parties
Your personal data may be received via a third party as follows:
  • Via analytics through providers such as Google Analytics or Hubspot
  • Via a Pexip authorized partner reselling the Pexip products or services
  • Via a customer of an authorized partner purchasing the Pexip products or services
  • From service providers, for third party tools we use to manage day to day business operations, including companies such as:
  • Google to manage Google Hangout service interoperability
  • Microsoft to manage MS Teams service interoperability
    • Salesforce to manage clients and processes
    • Stripe to process payments
    • Hubspot to communicate with you
    • Social Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube for collaboration and advertising purpose

2. The Type of data we collect

Pexip collects data in order to provide the best experiences we can when you visit Pexip branded websites or use Pexip branded products and services. It is possible to visit our websites without providing personal information about yourself 

However, in order for you to best utilize the resources and information we offer on our website (for example downloading product brochures, eBooks, sign up for our newsletter, or start a test drive), we will need to collect some personal data from you to provide the services and the information that you request of us.

You may not be able to use some of our products and services if you decline our collection of your personal data.

2.1 Examples of personal data we collect:
  1. Contact details: name, email, phone number, etc
  2. Credentials: passwords, saved user preferences, security settings, etc
  3. Demographic information: your geographic location, preferred language, etc
  4. Device and usage data: how you use our apps, what type of device you use, your IP address, etc
  5. Payment details: For eCommerce users, we collect any necessary information required to process your payment, such as a credit card number and the security code associated with your preferred payment method
  6. Your contacts: if you use a Pexip branded product in combination with a registered Pexip account, to manage or access contacts, or to communicate with other people and organizations, we may collect information about your relationships and interactions with those contacts
  7. Your image: for example, if you choose to store a personal image under the user profile of your Pexip account or any third party tools Pexip interacts with

2.2 Examples of non-personal data we collect
To help us maintain and improve our products, and understand user behavior more effectively we may also collect certain non-personal information for any purpose. Examples include: 
  1. Occupation
  2. Language
  3. The time zone in which a Pexip product is being used

3. How we use the data we collect

We process your personal information you provide us and in strict accordance with our privacy policy. The purpose for collecting and using your personal data is with the aim of achieving three general objectives:

  1. To operate and deliver our business effectively (including personalization)
  2. To help us understand and improve our products and service, as well as the content we offer to send communications relevant to our users
  3. To send sales, marketing or promotional communications to our users or visitors, relevant to your stated interests and preferences
3.1 Examples of how we use the data we collect
For the above mentioned objectives one and two, you must consent to these types of uses for your data, since we’re unable to deliver, operate, and improve your account without being able to collect this data. Because this information is important to your continued use of Pexip’s products and services, you may not opt out of receiving these communications.

i) Product activation: creating your Pexip account or a free trial, or activating necessary software

ii) Product delivery: we use personal data to process payments and deliver our products to you. This might include saving your preferred user settings, or making product recommendations based on your device or current location

iii) Customer support: we might use data to diagnose and fix product problems and issues, as well a provide more effective customer care

iv) Improving our products and services: this includes improving our products as well as the information and content we provide on Pexip branded websites

v) Security and safety: we must use data in order to protect the security of our products and users. This can include (but is not limited to) detection of fraud and malicious software, confirming validity of software licenses, and resolving disputes or enforcing our service agreement

vi) General business intelligence: We use data to build up aggregated business intelligence to help us analyse, report on, and make informed decisions about our general business operations.  

vii) Sending information to users with a registered Pexip account: we may use your personal information in order to send any important notifications to communicate information necessary to the continued use of our products or services, including, but limited to: 
  • changes to our terms of service
  • changes to our privacy notice
  • product updates, upgrades, bug fixes, or other changes to your products or services
  • billing or payment information related to the use of your Pexip account

viii) Responding to requests for information: we may contact you via email or telephone where you have requested more information, for example booking a meeting, or to email you content (such as an eBook) you have asked to receive.

3.1.1 The following example helps us to achieve objective three: 

ix) Relevant sales and marketing communications: You will receive promotional communications if you have requested information from us, purchased products or services from us or if you provided us with your details when you subscribed to our newsletter or any other forms on our website and, in each case, you have not opted out of receiving that communication. You’re able to opt out from our mailing list by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.

4. How long we retain your data for

We will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the business purposes we collected it for, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting, contractual obligations or reporting requirements and laws.

For personal data related to your specific use of our products and services, for example your call history, our stated policy is to retain that data for two years, unless otherwise impacted by one of the listed criteria below:
  1. How long do we need access to the data for to deliver our products and maintain effective business operations?
  2. Is there a reasonable expectation from customers we will store their personal data until they explicitly request us to delete it?
  3. Is Pexip, as the owner and operator of the Pexip service, subject to legal, contractual, regulatory, or similar, obligations to retain certain types of data (For example, mandatory data retention laws in your region, or government requests and investigation)?

When your personal data is no longer needed to be retained for any purposes, we may delete or anonymize your personal data so that it can no longer be associated with you. Anonymized data may be further used for research and statistical purposes in which case we may use this information indefinitely without further notice to you.

5. Personal data and third-parties 

As part of our product and service delivery, Pexip works with various affiliated partners who are authorized to sell Pexip branded products or services on behalf of Pexip AS. We also use some tools managed by third-party service providers in order to fulfill the delivery of certain aspects of our products and services

We will never, ever provide or sell data to organizations not recognized as an affiliated Pexip partner, or otherwise connected to helping us deliver operations to customers essential to our products and services. 

i) Disclosure of data to Pexip affiliated partners: where appropriate, we may provide your details to affiliated Pexip partners in order to fulfill your request for service delivery or further information: 
  • Affiliated Pexip partners are partner businesses officially authorized to resell Pexip products and services on our behalf
  • In the event we share personal data with an affiliated partner, we will only do so in order to fulfill service delivery or improve our products and services
  • Personal data will not be shared with affiliated partners for general marketing purposes

ii) Sharing data with third-party services providers: where necessary, Pexip shares personal information with companies who provide essential services for delivering our products and services to customers. These might include services for:
  • Information processing, payment processing, credit checks, fulfilling customer orders, delivering products to you, managing and enhancing customer data, providing customer service, assessing your interest in our products and services, and conducting customer research or satisfaction surveys
  • Some of these companies operate and store data outside of the EU
  • All of our third-party service providers are checked to ensure they comply with EU and applicable local data privacy and security regulations

iii) Disclosure of data to comply with legal or public jurisdiction requests: in rare circumstances, where we are compelled, by law, legal process, litigation, and/or requests from public and governmental authorities within or outside your country of residence— we may disclose your personal information:
  • We may also disclose information about you if we determine that to do so is necessary or appropriate for reasons of national security, law enforcement, or other major issues of public importance
  • We may also disclose information about you if we determine that disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce our terms of service or protect our operations or users
  • Additionally, in the event of a re-organization, merger, or sale we may transfer any or all personal information we collect to the relevant third party

iv) External websites: where relevant, in order to to provide additional information on certain topics, our websites may link to external websites we do not own or manage:
  • We don’t control and are not responsible for, how these websites collect and use information
  • This privacy notice is valid only for Pexip branded domains, owned and managed by Pexip AS, as the owner and operator of the Pexip service

6. Protection and security of personal data

When operating the Pexip service and Pexip branded products, Pexip takes great care to ensure all reasonable precautions— including administrative, technical, and physical measures— to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft, and misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

i) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption: all Pexip branded web pages and online services or products always use SSL encryption where personal information is collected
  • To make purchases from these services, you must use an SSL-enabled browser such as Safari, Firefox, or Chrome
  • Doing so protects the confidentiality of your personal information while it’s transmitted over the Internet

ii) Our global network: the Pexip Service is deployed via a globally-distributed network of resources which constitute the Pexip Service Network as owned and operated by Pexip AS
  • Services are hosted and maintained at geographically-specific “Points-of-Presence” (PoPs) as well as within cloud-based services that have global availability
  • Pexip PoPs are hosted at data centers managed by facility service providers. Each facility is meets or exceeds international security compliance standards
  • Personal information collected through Pexip service may be stored and processed in any country in which Pexip and its affiliates maintain facilities
  • By registering for and using Pexip services, you are accepting to the transfer of data to any country in which Pexip and its affiliates maintain facilities, as well as the use and disclosure of your personal data as described in this privacy notice

7. Access and control of your personal data 

You have the right to access the information we have about you at any time, as well as request the personal data we store about you is deleted, modified, or exported for portability reasons.

For accessing, modifying, or exporting your personal information, or to request that we delete your personal data, please submit your request via email to
  • Requests will be processed and completed in compliance with our privacy policy, terms of service, our business relationship and any data privacy laws applicable in your country
  • If you have previously consented to receive promotional email communications from us, you can use the unsubscribe function at the bottom our emails to unsubscribe from our emails at any time (“withdraw your consent”)
  • If you have an active Pexip account, it’s not possible to opt-out of basic emails since we need to communicate basic information, where relevant, to users in order to continue delivery of the account.

Since Pexip’s global headquarters are located in Norway, we are governed by Norway’s Data Protection Directive, as well as the EU's GDPR (“general data protection regulation”) to ensure our privacy policy is being followed. If you experience anything you think is a violation of the regulations, you may submit a written request to the Data Protection Directive’s postal address:
Datatilsynet, PO Box 8177, 0034 Oslo, Norway.

8. Our Commitment to GDPR

Pexip is committed to the highest standards of information security, privacy and transparency. Towards this, Pexip complies with the GDPR (EU Regulation 2016/679) as both a data controller and a data processor:

  • Pexip act as the data controller for the personal data you provide to us through our branded websites or when you register and use the Pexip service as a direct user (e.g. through Pexip Free or eCommerce solution), or other direct interactions, like job applications.
  • Pexip acts as the data processor for the personal data you provide to us when you activate and use the Pexip service or products or software through any of the Pexip affiliated partners who are authorized to sell the Pexip service or products or software
    • Pexip is in such case processing your personal data on behalf of the affiliated partner, and this processing is regulated by a specific Data Processing Agreement between Pexip and the partner.

For any questions regarding the Pexip commit to GDPR or any other privacy processes, please contact

9. Future changes to our privacy notice

As our business grows and our services and products evolve, this privacy notice may change, or other privacy notices may be written and posted, either to specifically address new products or services or otherwise keep pace with current data privacy laws.

As our business grows and our services and products evolve, this privacy notice may change, or other privacy notices may be written and posted, either to specifically address new products or services, or to otherwise keep pace with current data privacy laws.

When changes are substantial, we will first ensure to make you aware of any forthcoming changes by attempting to contact you directly via email, or via our user interfaces, or indirectly through your authorized Pexip partner.