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The Pexip Service platform has gotten an upgrade! To be fair, we continuously make smaller and larger improvements, sometimes multiple times a week, but not all are customer facing. This time, though, we want to call out the most significant ones.

We have upgraded to Pexip Infinity v27. Infinity is one of the core components of the Service, and this ensures "the engine" is properly tuned for best performance.


Together with other enhancements, you can expect the following:



Pexip Meetings

  • New layouts: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 2+21 and 1+33, in addition to the already existing 1+7 and Adaptive Composition. You can cycle through the layouts with DTMF (*8). Note: This changes the layout for all participants! Also,  1+33 is not part of the rotation cycle. Read more here.

  • Pexip app users are now held in the lobby if a room is locked.

  • Coming next week: In Adaptive Composition, single-screen video endpoints automatically receive any presentation content as part of the layout mix. This feature will be automatically turned on for some video systems, but you can toggle this on/off with DTMF (*4) on SIP/H323 devices. More info here.


Pexip CVI for Microsoft Teams

  • Full HD (1080p) video (option)

  • New layout: 3x3, in addition to the existing 1+0, 2x2 and 1+7. You can cycle through the layouts with DTMF (*8). This changes the layout for you only,  not for any other participants. Note that 1+0 is not part of the rotation cycle. Also, check out this great video to see it in action:

Pexip for Google Meet

  • New layouts: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5, in addition to the existing 1+7 layout. Layouts for Google Meet will have to be requested via your Pexip Partner and will be applied for the whole tenant.


In addition, we recently launched some other excellent features you may not have seen:

Pexip Control Center enhancements:

  • Live meeting view now indicates who is currently presenting.

  • The video systems list now includes a Private IP address column, which provides a direct link to the endpoint's admin console.

PP - 4



Trusted devices for related companies


We’ve enhanced the 'trusted devices' feature so you can now enable lobby-bypass for endpoints that are registered on the Pexip Service, but are part of a different company. Read more here.



Bulk endpoint subscriptions and activation


You can now activate large numbers of hardware video endpoints on the Pexip Service.

Read more here.


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