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The government workforce looks very different today than it will five years from today. According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)’s latest Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, a whopping 25 percent of federal employees plan to retire in the next five years, leaving a wake of empty desks behind. 
For agencies to attract and retain the right talent, they must consider the changing needs of the workforce, and video can play a big role in that. So what do today’s employees expect, and how can video help you balance their needs with your mandates (and budget)?


Offer flexible working arrangements 

Around the world, government organizations are looking at telework options to give employees more flexibility in where and how they work. The U.S., Canada, and Australia all have policies to promote telework, with even more countries following. 
When developing a telework program, consider how employees can stay productive from anywhere using the technologies they have. Choose a video collaboration tool that connects workers on any device so they can easily join a meeting or call a colleague without the need for fancy hardware or browser plugins.

Remote government worker


Recognize changing work environments


The way we work has changed, and as a result, our office spaces have evolved to become more collaborative. Rather than large, formal meetings led by a small number of leaders, we’re seeing smaller, unplanned sessions such as brainstorms where everyone participates. This has led to an increase in huddle rooms, which are usually smaller than traditional board rooms and equipped with less-expensive video conferencing systems. 
When designing your office for maximum productivity, consider the flexibility of your meeting room hardware and software solutions. Is it easy for anyone to launch a video meeting and start collaborating with a colleague in another office? Can employees join any meeting using the room, or are they limited to a single meeting platform?


Provide a high-quality video meeting experience


Millennials have grown up with video. From FaceTime to Snapchat, many are used to communicating on video and expect a high-quality experience when they do. With a younger generation entering the government workforce, agencies should ensure they’re delivering an outstanding video meeting experience that promotes face-to-face communication. 
Video conferencing can play a big role in helping agencies adapt to the changing workforce. In addition to powering telework initiatives and keeping employees engaged, video conferencing software can also be very easy to deploy and set up. To learn more about how Pexip works with government organizations around the world, please click here.

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