Join Teams meetings from Zoom Rooms. Zoom & Pexip partnership

New Direct Guest Join alternative connects Teams Rooms to any meeting; includes content sharing and dual-screen support.


At Pexip, we’ve long made it our business to remove technology barriers to video communication. We believe that collaboration should be seamless between rooms, devices, and meetings, which has manifested into our leading role as the video interoperability provider. At Pexip, we connect virtually any meeting room to any meeting platform regardless of technology. 


Today we take this role to the next level with the release of new interoperability capabilities for Microsoft Teams Rooms



What is new, and why is it needed? 


Until now, users could join different types of meetings from Teams Rooms using Direct Guest Join or by manually dialing a lengthy SIP address. Together with Microsoft, we are enhancing this experience with four new capabilities: 

  1. Enhanced meeting interoperability – With Pexip Connect for Teams Rooms, we are introducing enhanced meeting interoperability. This means Teams Rooms devices can now join more video meeting types than ever before including Cisco Webex, Zoom, Google Meet, or any SIP-enabled meeting. 
  2. Easier to join – Users can join any meeting at the touch of a button. Integrating natively with the Teams Rooms device’s calendar and one touch to join capabilities, Pexip Connect now ensures users can join virtually any third-party meeting directly from the Teams Room device. 
  3. In-room content sharing – Now, users can easily share content using the in-room HDMI cable connected to the Teams Room. Just plug in and hit “Share” - there’s no need to join from a separate client to share content. 
  4. Full dual-screen support – In rooms with two displays, participants and content will automatically show on both screens. Pexip brings video to the forefront, and its AI-powered experience focuses on speakers and faces, and dynamically enhances the experience when sharing content.  

In the meeting room, customers keep the same familiar experience they are used to. Pexip integrates seamlessly in the background and uses the native join and content sharing capabilities users know. Depending on the type of meeting joined, users will see the same layout on the screen that they’d see on their laptop. So, a Zoom meeting looks like a Zoom meeting, and a Webex meeting looks like a Webex meeting. No need for training or user guides.  


And the best part? Everything is powered by and developed in cooperation with Microsoft. Pexip works closely with Microsoft to deliver a user-first and best-of-breed experience for Microsoft customers. Beyond CVI, we’re the only vendor to deliver a Teams-like experience on video systems, the only ones with complete deployment flexibility across commercial and government clouds, and the only ones to deliver this new functionality on Teams Room devices.  


"CVI is the only supported solution for Microsoft Teams Interop and Pexip are the only CVI partner with a self-hosted solution - a key ask for high security environments. We have a big demand for Microsoft Teams Interop, [particularly] within the government space.” - Adam Jacobs, principal program manager, Microsoft  


User benefits include: 

  1. Faster and more reliable ‘join’ experience as you kick-off your meeting 
  2. Full support for dual-screen systems to make the most of your meeting room equipment 
  3. In-room content sharing using HDMI  
  4. Wide range of meeting interoperability including Webex, Zoom, Google Meet, as well as any other SIP-enabled meeting  


When several video technologies need to work seamlessly together…you call Pexip 


In a world with an increasing amount of incompatible video conferencing room systems and meetings, interoperability becomes even more essential. Video devices created for specific meeting services, such as Teams Rooms, continue to become more popular. In fact, Microsoft has surpassed more than one million Teams Rooms as they reported in their Q4FY24 earnings call. 


With this massive growth, Pexip’s industry-leading interoperability technology is key. Users need to be able join different types of meetings from their room systems, and Pexip makes it simple. 


Our goal with expanding the capabilities and functionality within interoperability is to ensure that the technology does the heavy lifting to make these video conferencing systems connect, not the users. We want the experience to be simple, seamless, and efficient, so that people can confidently walk into any meeting room and join any meeting they are invited to, using the routines they know so well. 


Visit our Pexip for Teams Rooms web page to learn more or request your personalized demo. 


Find more details in the Connect for Teams Rooms product sheet. 


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