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At Pexip, it is our mission to make seamless video communication available to all organizations regardless of technology platforms and security requirements, and our latest release does just that. A highly requested feature for Pexip Infinity debuts with the new release, version 33, generally available from October 30th. The release also brings multiple other features designed to make virtual meetings better and life easier for end users and administrators.



Adding breakout rooms


With the click of a button, meeting hosts can split up a meeting into unlimited breakout rooms and create individual meeting spaces where participants can talk, present, and chat with each other. Hosts can randomly or manually assign participants to rooms, move individuals between them, and set a duration or manual expiration for the breakout room.



New custom layouts


Organizations can now design their own custom layouts to suit various use cases or requirements. In addition to the standard layouts for both classic 1+4, 1+7, Virtual Auditoriums, and AI-powered Adaptive Composition layouts, users can design patterns, grids, and focus layouts with up to 16 visible participants.



AI-powered audio background noise reduction


Users can now benefit from all-new AI-powered noise reduction (de-noising), as Infinity applies server-side audio processing for all participants. De-noising dramatically reduces background noise if a participant speaks from a noisy environment, making voices clear and legible. By applying the AI-enhanced audio processing server-side, clients and end-user devices are relieved of high-power processing loads, preserving battery life and power consumption.


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Everything else


Version 33 boasts a comprehensive array of enhancements for both user experience and administration, significantly enriching the in-room meeting and meeting join experiences, while also strengthening the platform's manageability. See all new feature additions here.



Should I upgrade?


We strongly advise customers to consistently upgrade to the most recent version of the platform. Doing so ensures access to new features, enhancements, and crucially, up-to-date security patches, providing a robust and secure user experience.


Download Infinity version 33 here.

Read the Upgrading Quick Reference Guide here.


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