Upgrade from Poly RealConnect to Poly CloudConnect Powered by Pexip

At Pexip, our focus has always been on creating a flexible platform that can be adapted to fit our customer’s existing tools and workflows. Pexip has a wide range of customizable options ranging from APIs for our self-hosted software to customized domains for easy-to-remember dialing addresses. Read more about all of our branding and customization options here:



Our customers on the Pexip Service have been asking for even more customization and we’re happy to let them know that these new options have arrived. Pexip in-meeting screens are now able to be custom branded. 


Our customers can now customize the meeting screens with their choice of background image and company logo. Including your brand in the meeting interface lets your employees and guests know they’re in the right place and creates a tighter brand experience with your other company tools. 


Customized backgrounds can also be included for our Microsoft Teams and Google Meet screens.


To learn more about customized screens visit our documentation here: https://docs.pexip.com/partner/portal/branding-incall.htm 

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