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Google Cloud Platform support and many other features


Pexip Infinity 16 adds a whole host of all-new features, as well as numerous functionality updates and improvements. You can download Infinity 16 today.


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Pexip Infinity 16 adds support for deploying Pexip Infinity to the Google Cloud Platform.



New features in version 16


Some of the new features in Infinity 16 include:


Full support for Edge Nodes: Proxying Edge Nodes that were featured as a technology preview in Infinity 15 are now fully implemented.


Read more about Proxying Edge Nodes


Support for Google Cloud Platform: You can now deploy and run Pexip Infinity entirely in the Google Cloud Platform.


Break-in resistance security protection: Two new security features provide further resistance against malicious attempts to break into Pexip Infinity.


Support for multiple Exchange Servers: Companies can now configure multiple Exchange servers for their VMR scheduling services.


Lots of user experience enhancements: In-call user management and administration enhancements.


Click here to read about all the new features and additions to Infinity 16.



How to get upgraded?


To download the upgrade and get going with your own platform, visit

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