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Video can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve the efficiency and personalization of customer interactions.


The way we communicate has changed dramatically in recent years. Customers expect more personalized and efficient interactions with businesses as they seek to solve their problems or get answers to their questions. At the same time, businesses are seeking new ways to keep those customers happy all while streamlining their own customer service approach.  



Customers still want face-to-face interactions  


Advances in artificial intelligence have given rise to the frequency of chatbots on the receiving end of customer inquiries. This no doubt drives efficiency for the business but it has yet to be a winning solution for the more complex or high-value customer transactions. Customers still want to interact with humans, and that communication is still best done face-to-face. But this doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be done the old-fashioned way. 


That’s where video comes in. Video technology has come a long way, especially in recent years. The pandemic normalized video interactions and has helped customers reach unprecedented comfort levels with the technology. Video interaction no longer needs to be complex and doesn’t require a technical skillset. Today it can be as simple as clicking a link and watching as the video launches for you.  



So, in the age of bots, why should companies still be making the move to video for their valuable customer interactions?
We’ve got 5 key reasons: 

  1. It’s personal. Some questions are simple, which are easily handled by a bot. But other questions are more complex and personal in nature. Perhaps a customer is upset or frustrated? A video-based approach to customer service empowers the agent to use visual cues to better respond to the customers’ needs and hopefully build a stronger relationship. 
  2. It’s efficient. Phone calls or email interactions can be limited in terms of sharing information quickly and easily. With video, screens can be shared, and live demonstrations can be given. This can help resolve issues faster and improve the overall experience for both customer and agent.  
  3. It’s more trustworthy. Imagine you are calling a contact center about a private insurance matter or discussing confidential financial information. It can be unnerving to give that information to a person on a chatline or via email. Video enables customers to look into the eyes of a person with whom they are sharing their information, promoting a feeling of security, confidence and most importantly, trust.  
  4. It reduces costs. Video can help contact centers reduce costs by allowing agents to handle more complex or time-consuming issues without the need for in-person support. This can help contact centers scale more effectively and reduce the need for expensive on-site support. 
  5. It’s almost as good as in-person. In-person interactions are almost always best when it comes to customer satisfaction. This is especially true in sectors such as healthcare or financial services, where the nature of the inquiry is usually a sensitive one. But with the possibilities of video, the visual and audio combined can create the feeling of being together, ensuring that people experience a truly human approach to customer support. 


Give your customers options for how to engage with you 


We believe that an omnichannel presence is essential for businesses today, and video is a key part of ensuring that customers can still choose face-to-face interactions. To bring this vision to life, our Pexip team works with the leading customer contact software provider Genesys to ensure that video is always an option for their customers.  


Our solution is called Pexip Video Connect for Genesys, and it is designed to make it easy for businesses to video-enable their contact centers and deliver a secure and more personal experience to their customers. Unlike other video integrations, Pexip embeds video straight into the Genesys platform so agents can keep their native, familiar workflows. Contact your Genesys or Pexip representative to learn more about how Pexip Video Connect for Genesys can help your business grow. 


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