Using Telehealth to Streamline Clinical Workflows

Meet the Speakers

Leonie Heyworth, MD, MPH

Director of Synchronous Telehealth
US Department of Veterans Affairs

Dennis V. Truong, MD, MBA

Telemedicine/Mobility Director, Assistant Physician-In-Chief
Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group, (Kaiser Permanente)

Kadambari Beelwar

Sr Telehealth/UC Manager
Stanford Children’s Health

Gerard Frunzi

Director Telehealth/Virtual Care
Centura Health

Angie Stevens

Virtual Insights

Jordan Owens

VP of Architecture

COVID-19 changed telehealth forever, both in terms of expectations from patients, and the needs of hospitals and health systems. The necessity for easy to join video visits regardless of the device or location grew exponentially overnight - in some cases as much as 1600%.

With roughly 30% of patient interactions expected to be virtual by 2022, a simple and secure connectivity experience integrated into clinical workflows is crucial for both the patient and provider. Looking back on the past year, what lessons did we learn and how are we adapting our long-term telehealth strategy for the future?

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