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“Have you ever been invited to a Teams meeting from somebody outside your organization?


Of course, you have. We all have. Millions of meetings every day happen on Teams. And not only business meetings – they are everywhere. Just recently, Microsoft announced that Teams has over 280 million monthly active users. No wonder then, meetings happen on Teams. It’s right at your fingertips.


Many enterprises have used professional video conferencing for years to connect not only internally, but also with partners, clients, and vendors.

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The pandemic and the instantaneous growth of Teams changed this. Enterprises invested in Cloud Video Interop (CVI) to enable their video conferencing systems to join their Teams meetings. Legacy SIP/H323 video conferencing systems are not natively compatible with Teams meetings! During the pandemic, everybody used Teams from their home offices – and office meeting rooms had, and continue to have, video systems that do not natively support Teams.


Organizations invested in CVI to solve the pain. Use the rooms you have to join the meetings that happen.


But one problem was never solved.



“Why can I not use the technology I invested in to join any Teams meeting I’ve been invited to?”


CVI was not designed to do that. It was designed to bring people into your Teams meeting, but not to allow you to join others’ Teams meetings.



Introducing SIP Guest Join


At last, there’s a way for you to join any Teams meeting. Regardless of who the invite came from. You, your partners, your customers. Or your child’s teacher for that matter.


SIP Guest Join enables anyone in an organization with CVI capabilities to join meetings from anyone inside or outside their organization. You are no longer limited to joining meetings that have the so-called CVI coordinates in them (additional join details). A standard Teams invite is all it takes. The technology you have will figure out and enable your video conferencing system to join that meeting. With one single press of a button.


With all the quality, features, and capabilities you expect.


Pexip did all the magic in the back end so you don’t have to scratch your head (or answer the questions from the leadership team) on things that don’t work the way you expected them to.


SIP Guest Join with CVI. Make sure your boss can join any meeting at any time with the touch of a button.


Coming soon: Microsoft rollout starting May 2023.


Read more about Pexip's SIP Guest Join. 


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