Join any Teams meeting. Even external ones. Introducing SIP Guest Join

Pexip Service has released the 'Trusted Devices' feature to enable unregistered video endpoints to bypass the Teams or Hangouts lobby. This new feature makes it even easier to join Teams and Hangouts meetings with standard video endpoints. Previously, only video endpoints registered on the Pexip Service would be allowed to enter such meetings directly, forcing the host to manually admit unregistered participants.

Examples when assigning Trusted Devices is valuable:

1) To support a phased migration to the cloud. For large organizations with hundreds or even thousands of video endpoints, migrating from an on-premise solution to the cloud will likely be done in phases. With Trusted Devices, the whole organization will maintain one work-flow while the video endpoints are either registered on the Pexip Service or on the company's own call control.

2) To help organizations maintain media traffic internally. Trusted Devices ensure that a company can mix their own call control with Pexip Interoperability Service, thereby keeping large volume of internal data traffic from entering the public Internet.

Trusted Devices has been developed to ensure that the security and privacy of your meeting information and data is maintained.

For more information, see this article or contact your Pexip partner!

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