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EGGS Design

Case Study

Industry: Professional Design Services
Company size: 100+ employees

About EGGS Design

EGGS Design is a Norwegian innovation consultancy that helps clients craft new products, services, and business transformations. With offices in Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen, and Copenhagen, the company is made up of over 100 professionals from 25 nationalities. EGGS Design prides itself in “crafting lovable futures” by designing in a way that finds a balance between tech innovation and human experience.

Pexip services in use

Enterprise room connector bundle, with
  • Endpoint subscriptions
  • Enterprise User Licenses for virtual meeting rooms (VMRs)
  • One-Touch Join licenses
  • Domain hosting
  • Unlimited concurrent calls with the Microsoft Teams cloud video interoperability (CVI)
In Summary



Need for interoperability between Microsoft Teams and in-office infrastructure upon return to the office after the first Covid-19 lockdown.

In a company that relies on visual references, there was a need for a long-term and flexible video meeting solution that can be accessed from anywhere.


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Pexip Solutions

Adoption of Pexip’s Microsoft Teams integration, with continued use of existing Pexip VMRs.


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The Teams integration helped EGGS adapt to a hybrid workforce. The ability to join a Teams meeting from home or from an in-office conferencing system created a more flexible and scalable video meeting solution.

The Pexip VMRs provide an additional video meeting service, with high-quality UI features.


From chats between designers, to board meetings, to customer consultations, high-quality video is crucial when it comes to daily collaboration at EGGS Design. The organization relies on video for demonstrations, presentations of visual assets, screen sharing, and more. “Video meetings are hands-down one of our core services,” says IT Manager Emre Balik.

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic forced the company -- like so many others -- to expand their existing video conferencing solution. With business trips canceled and offices closed, EGGS, which has been a Pexip user since 2014, experienced skyrocketing demand for the Pexip VMRs (virtual meeting rooms) they had available. With Microsoft systems already in use at EGGS, it made sense to make the transition to Microsoft Teams for their primary communications platform.

Then, as Covid-19 regulations eased during the late spring and summer of 2020, about half of EGGS’ employees returned to their offices. Within weeks, individuals began asking whether they could keep using the Teams video solution at the office on the company’s existing Cisco devices.

Eggs Design Case Study Pexip Video Conferencing

Image: © 2020 EGGS Design. All Rights reserved.


Why Pexip?

Luckily, Pexip had a solution: a cloud-based Microsoft Teams integration that would serve as a gateway to their in-office infrastructure. The Pexip Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI) enables professional video conferencing systems to join Microsoft Teams as if they were native Microsoft clients. Pexip offered to redesign EGGS’ existing agreement into a new package deal that included both the VMRs and the Teams integration.

From there, testing and implementation of the new integration was smooth, and internal communication around the rollout was also simple: “I could just say to everyone: now you can even join a Teams meeting from a conference room, isn’t that great?” says Emre. “Of course people embraced it.”

"I’m very impressed at how customer-oriented Pexip is. Everyone on the team is super friendly, super responsive, and super helpful. It’s definitely left a positive impression on me.”
Emre Balik, IT Manager at EGGS Design

Image: © 2020 EGGS Design. All Rights reserved.



Utilizing Pexip’s Teams integration eased EGGS Design’s transition into a hybrid workforce and streamlined their overall user experience of video conferencing. The flexibility provided by this solution is long-term, secure and scalable, allowing EGGS to maintain business continuity, regardless of where people are working.

EGGS Design also continues to use their Pexip VMRs alongside the Teams integration, as these extra “rooms” are useful for certain meetings. One feature of the VMRs that stands out to Emre is the high-quality UI. Emre says that the UI of some other video providers can be confusing and outdated, especially for Mac users. With 85% EGGS employees using Mac, this makes a difference.

“The first time you log in, you need to be able to find the Share button or open a new chat within a second or two,” says Emre. “The option has to be right there, and with Pexip, those options are very neatly placed.”

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