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How Indiana University Improved Student Attendance Rates by 50% Using Video

How can video conferencing technology and a "blended" learning approach combining virtual and in-person participation lead to better outcomes?

Join Pexip and Indiana University lecturer, Harry Vasilopoulos, for this in-depth webinar discussion to review and understand the research study's findings.

Learn how Indiana University increased its student attendance rates by 50% with a blended learning environment incorporating video conferencing technology. To attend simply complete the form to the right:

  • Learn how video can give universities a competitive advantage in attracting the most talented students and faculty staff
  • Discover how distance learning helps to diversify course offerings by enabling a wider range of presenters to lead classes
  • Find out how blended learning environments contribute to better student satisfaction and attendance
  • Learn best practices for blending remote and in-person lectures
  • What to look for in a video platform to support distance learning


The Presenters

Anders Løkke 2500px

Anders Løkke (host) Marketing Manager at Pexip (LinkedIn)

Jordan Owens

Jordan Owens,VP of Architecture at Pexip (LinkedIn)


Harry Vasilopoulos (MSc), Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Indiana University (LinkedIn)

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