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It’s soon time to upgrade! Pexip just announced the latest updates to our video meeting platform. These updates are designed to enhance the user experience through smarter feature grouping, refined meeting-controls, a toolbar that adapts to the context, and more. With this update, our aim is to make Pexip’s virtual meetings more intuitive and effective for the users.  


Let's explore what these updates mean for your Pexip video conferencing experience.




A user interface that’s easy to navigate 


The latest updates include a redesigned user interface that improves the placement and visibility of controls and settings. This new layout enhances the usability of the platform, making it easier for users to navigate and manage their settings during meetings. By focusing on ergonomics and accessibility, these changes cater to the diverse needs of users, ensuring that everyone can participate fully and effectively in virtual meetings. 



More languages and accessibility options 


 These updates give users enhanced language support, enabling them to select their preferred language for a more personalized experience. This feature broadens the platform's accessibility, making it more user-friendly for non-English speakers. Additionally, improved keyboard accessibility features support users who rely on keyboard navigation, to make sure they can easily take advantage of all the Pexip platform has to offer. 



Preventing accidental meeting exits 


To prevent accidental disconnections, Pexip introduces a new feature that asks users to confirm before they close the browser. This feature is particularly useful in maintaining the stability of meetings, so that users remain connected unless they choose to leave deliberately. This adds a layer of reassurance that an errant click on the close button won’t disrupt important calls and presentations. 



A direct line to developers for user feedback


The latest update also includes new ways for users to provide feedback directly through the Pexip platform. This direct line of communication to our developers allows for quicker identification and resolution of issues, and it helps shape future updates in line with actual user needs and experiences. 



Improved Camera Control 


For interactions that require more dynamic engagement, such as remote learning, virtual troubleshooting or tele-medicine, enhanced camera control features allow users to manage other participants' cameras effectively. This feature is crucial for instructors, presenters, and medical professionals who wish to direct attention or highlight certain aspects of the discussion. 


To explore these features further, visit our documentation page. 


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