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Most of the time our users spent in the iOS app for Pexip Service was in active meetings. In this release we’ve dramatically improved the in-call experience for meetings and direct calls, be it audio or video calls.

Pexip service new iOS experience



So what’s new?


  • Brand new connecting state that transitions from seeing yourself to the self-view in-call 👨🏼‍💻
  • If you hide the self-view by swiping it off the edge of the screen you can tap the eye icon to have it reappear
  • Background color changed from blue to pure black
  • Button sizes have been made larger to make them easier to tap with your thumb
  • We’ve simplified the button positioning so that the most important buttons are at the bottom of the screen while the less frequently used ones are at the top
  • Access chat by swiping up from the bottom while your phone is in portrait mode
  • Switch between presentations and incoming video while the chat is open
  • Buttons in landscape are now always on the opposite side of the camera on your phone to reduce the numbers of times your finger may cover your camera
  • Video calls and audio calls now share the same button sizes and positions
  • Extensive automated testing has been added behind-the-scenes to improve the reliability of the in-call experience in all future releases
  • Performance improvements as a result of optimising the underlying code


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