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Pexip Engage: The video solution to personalize customer engagement

Connect with your prospects, customers, and clients through a user-friendly and intuitive scheduling interface, with high-quality integrated Pexip video meetings.


Customer expectations are changing....

of customers are concerned about their personal data and what happens to it.
of customer contact requests happen outside of business hours.
of customers say their standards for good customer experiences are higher than ever.

Today enterprises need a frictionless transition from a digital customer journey to a high-touch sales interaction to lower their customer acquisition costs and increase their sales productivity.

Appointment scheduling is becoming a crucial tool to meet these rising customer expectations.

of millennials would schedule an in-store appointment with a store associate.
of customers will invest more in a service after a face-to-face interaction.
of customers will consider visiting locations more often if brands offer the chance to pre-book appointments with expert staff.

Pexip Engage provides frictionless scheduling and video meetings that enable your sales force and advisors to meet customers in their preferred channel at the right time.

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Automate the scheduling flow.

  • Effortlessly qualify and convert more of your online visitors to qualified meetings.

  • Guide your online visitors to meet with the right advisor, at the most suitable time, in the way they prefer (virtual or physical) by automated scheduling.

  • Automatically offer optimal availability of your staff while still keeping full control.


Provide the optimal channel to meet and deliver a branded customer experience with Pexip video.

  • Offer flexibility in channel choice, based on the needed user experience and contact/context requirements within your organization.

  • Fully branded experience including virtual waiting room.

  • Branded video and audio setup link to ensure video meetings that always work.


Make informed decisions.

  • Gain full insights into the customer booking journey and optimize each step of the process to schedule more conversations.

  • Trigger automated actions linked to certain meeting outcomes to streamline processes in an automated way.

  • Capture feedback from your customers after having the meeting.

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Did you know?
  • Only 10% of retail banks regularly work on enhancing the customer experience
  • Yet over 70% of retail banks believe that digital customer engagement is important to the success of their businesses today and tomorrow 
Customer engagement is essential in today's competitive landscape.
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In Branch finance video meeting scheduling


Pexip Engage is built for people-led industries that are driven by digital-first, not a digital-only strategy. Click 'learn more' and see how we work for:

  • Financial Services
  • Public Services
  • High Involvement Retail
  • HR & Recruitment
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The first Opti Channel meeting platform for engaging in customer conversations. Provide your customers with different meeting type options:

  • In branch
  • Over video
  • On location
  • By phone
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Case Studies

Our customers are happy to share their experiences. Here are some of the results our customers experienced shortly after enabling Pexip Engage:

  • 30% revenue increase
  • 60% of appointments booked digitally
  • 30% higher response rate
  • 17% efficiency increase
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See what's inside the Pexip Engage solution. Explore Pexip Engage features that bring structure to commercial scheduling and meeting complexity for enterprises.

  • Business modules
  • Scheduling
  • Integrations
  • Insights
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“Pexip Engage works closely with their customers to improve their product, and they intensively worked with us to remove all barriers. They always go the extra mile. For this, I consider them one of our true business partners.” 

David Geerts, CEO of hypotheek.winkel

Create direct impact on your bottom line.

A guaranteed increase of Digital-2-Human channel conversion. See an improvement of double-to-triple digits (30%+) for all inbound and outbound digital customer journeys.
Increased productivity by up to 17% per agent. Create an automated, error-free scheduling process within their agent network, aiding the goal of professional excellence.
Customer Experience
A customer-centric and professional Customer Experience, significantly driving your closing ratio and a higher chance for renewal and/or referral.
Business Intelligence
Real-time insights, capturing all commercial, scheduled activities and agent performance for omnichannel customer-facing agent networks.

Engagement optimization for HR & Recruiting

Pexip Engage allows people-led companies to streamline and boost their client and candidate experience. Our solution is specifically tailored to businesses that aim to offer value-first service to their clients, make more placements and adapt to an increasingly digital world.

Benefits for HR & Recruiting:

  • Harness the wave of digital transformation and accelerate your business with Pexip
  • Increased productivity of HR & Recruitment consultants
  • Offer unique and tailored customer journeys for candidates thanks to feature, such as Listings
  • Boosted conversion
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reduce no shows

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Pexip Engage is ideal for medium to large enterprises that don’t sell directly to customers online, but instead guide their customers with expert advice at critical moments in their customer journey.

It’s an especially good fit in industries like banking, insurance, high-touch retail and for functions like HR and recruitment

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