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At Pexip, we are proud to be a Microsoft-certified cloud video interoperability (CVI) vendor. We have built a long-term relationship with Microsoft, working to support them, as well as our partners and customers, to create the most Teams-like experience in any meeting room.  


“As of today, Microsoft only has two certified cloud video interop partners – Pexip being one of them. Over the years, we have developed a solid relationship with Microsoft, supporting them in bringing a smooth Teams-like experience to anyone on any device or any meeting room equipment. It’s a small piece in the Microsoft world, but it’s important for users everywhere,” says Marius Nilsen, VP, CTO Office, Pexip. 



So, what are the main benefits of being Microsoft-certified, you may wonder? Well, here’s an overview of some of the top three reasons why being certified matters. 



1. When you’re certified, there’s support. 


When Microsoft invests resources in your certified product, as with Pexip, they offer support for this integration. They are committed to troubleshooting when issues arise and know how to reach Pexip for help and vice versa. This means bugs get fixed, security issues are handled, and we participate in their privacy review process.



2. When you’re certified, you are alerted to changes and can prepare.  


By being alerted to even minor changes ahead of time, Pexip can evaluate how that change may affect our product and end-user functionality. This gives us time to make necessary changes to avoid impacting the user experience. 



3. When you’re certified, you can engage in future plans. 


Pexip is fortunate to have built a long and close relationship with the Microsoft Teams engineers. Because of our regular meetings, we can engage with them on future development and discuss how our product can support an even better Teams experience as part of their roadmap.  


“Our team is quite proud that we have earned a strong position in Microsoft’s partner portfolio as one of the few vendors who work with them in the CVI space. For customers, this means that their Pexip product will be supported, compliant, and part of future development in the Teams universe,” adds Marius Nilsen. 


Learn more about how Pexip can help you standardize on Teams here.


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