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Privacy and security are top of mind for most large companies today and it’s changing how they think about their video communications. Many want the comfort of a private cloud solution, but they don’t want the hassle of managing resources. 


“At Pexip, we experience that many companies require the absolute privacy that a private cloud-hosted video solution provides, but at the same time many of those companies don’t have the capacity or resources to deploy and manage that solution entirely on their own,” explains Stephane Corbeau, Product Owner at Pexip. 


Now Pexip has a solution. Pexip Private Cloud puts the burden of deployment and management of the video infrastructure in the hands of the Pexip team. This makes it easy to deploy and scale the video solution, all while maintaining the benefits of a self-owned platform.  



Pexip Private Cloud can be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs 


Think of it like a bank account. Pexip manages the place where your money (or video data) is stored, but it’s only you who can access it and make decisions on how it’s used. And because you own it, you can customize it to meet your organization’s unique needs.  

“A large public sector customer came to us with a need for greater privacy, as they didn’t want to use a shared infrastructure service. At the same time, they told us that they weren’t interested in managing their video solution infrastructure and deployment on their own. Now, with Pexip Private Cloud, we do this for them,” adds Stephane. 



Stephane says that there are some key benefits for companies who choose Pexip Private Cloud. Here are the 3 things that top his list: 

  1. Pexip delivers an accelerated deployment process so that customers don’t have to wait long to start using Pexip’s video technology.  
  2. Pexip lets you decide where to deploy this solution – wherever they want, which is especially important with increasing data sovereignty regulation. 
  3. Pexip can brand the video solution to match the look and feel of your company, making it truly your own. 

“The main point is that we are addressing a need from many privacy-conscious organizations,” says Stephane. “Many simply don’t want the hassle of managing the compute resources themselves to deploy their video solution. We can save them time and get them up and running on a private cloud even faster, while still giving these organizations full control of their own unique solution.” 


Read more about Pexip Private Cloud here. 

"The beauty of the Pexip Private Cloud offering is that it doesn’t force organizations to choose between operational flexibility and data security — it combines the best of both worlds."

- Daniel Newman, Futurum Research


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