Join any Teams meeting. Even external ones. Introducing SIP Guest Join

It has never been so easy to manage a large organization with Pexip Service. You can now connect your company to multiple Microsoft tenants, bridging traditional VTCs with Teams meetings with full flexibility.

When can this be useful? We’d like to highlight 3 use-cases:



#1 Move from a test to a production environment – and keep both.


Have a sandbox or pre-production tenant? Now you can connect Pexip Service to either of the two to include video interoperability to your Microsoft Teams test scenarios.



#2 Accelerate a merger


Is your company is preparing for a merger? In the case that both companies use Microsoft Teams, you can now use Pexip to share call capacity between the two companies. You can also let video endpoints easily join each other’s meetings.


MS Teams interoperability helps in the complex process of a merge and ease communications between the two companies.



#3 Optimize when you have multiple independent subsidiaries


Holdings and large organizations often have independent subsidiaries or brands that have their own IT and separate Microsoft tenants.


Pexip Service can now let you manage all these companies within one portal. You’ll be able to share interoperability licenses and simplify buying processes. Every video endpoint will join any subsidiary Teams meetings without waiting in the lobby and even be able to share a single directory!


Whether you have all your VTCs registered on the Pexip Service, just a few, or even none, Pexip provides a friction-free joining experience. There’s no need to wait in the Teams lobby for any trusted device.


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Contact your friendly Pexip representative for more details and information.


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