Upgrade from Poly RealConnect to Poly CloudConnect Powered by Pexip
With an abundance of different collaboration solutions out there, we want to provide some insight into what makes the Pexip Meeting (or ‘Virtual Meeting Rooms’, aka VMRs) unique, and why we think it will give you the best user experience, the most reliable service and the most bang for your buck.
Let’s make it simple. We'll structure this around 4 core elements that highlight why a Pexip Meeting is the place to connect:


1. Quality

Video and audio on the Pexip Service runs on a dedicated media network with a guaranteed 'Quality of Service'. In addition, Pexip runs data centers in 13 strategically chosen locations around the globe. This makes sure your media has to spend an absolute minimum amount of time on the open internet. (The open internet is not a very friendly place for real-time data…)

2. Simplicity

Just meet. Whether on your phone, tablet, laptop, Skype for Business, browser, or any standard system you will be able to join a Pexip meeting with no friction.


Pexip 48

3. Security

Needless to say, security and privacy need to be a top priority for any enterprise solution today. Pexip has been designed with this in mind from day one. The solution includes always-on encryption of media and signalling, firewall traversal support and of course, GDPR compliance to protect the users’ data privacy.

4. Future proof and flexible

Pexip is the result of two industry leading companies joining forces: one (Pexip) focusing on the software platform that powers these meeting rooms, the other (Videxio) building and running a global collaboration service. For you, this is a perfect match, a one-stop shop to choose either an self-hosted software solution, a pure cloud service, or an in-between hybrid model. Start with one type of deployment and once your organisation is ready, gradually transition to another. And let's not forget: you only pay for what you use.

That’s it! 

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