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Our VP Customer Success, Heidi Islann, talks about why consultants need a video solution that ensures they can easily communicate with all their clients, no matter the video conferencing system in use.


At the heart of consulting is communication. It’s about helping a client solve a problem, giving them advice and often driving some sort of change. Before the pandemic, much of the communication between consultant and client was done in-person. Now, in the post-pandemic world, that picture has changed significantly.  


“With so many companies working in a hybrid way, we see an increased use of video among consultants and clients. This has opened new possibilities, such as consultants now serving clients cross-borders or from home office,” she says.



Video enables consultants to have more meetings and fewer travel expenses


Heidi also sees that consultants are maximizing time efficiency thanks to the increased use of video, as they can fit more meetings into the day. Travel expenses are going down as a result, while client relationships are still maintained due to the more personal nature of video interactions.


“Consultants are still able to read body language and pick up on other social cues that simply aren’t possible over phone or email. Video gives them an efficiency boost while still giving the benefits of a physical meeting.”


Video has simply become a ‘way of work’ across consulting companies worldwide, but at the same time, it has introduced some new challenges. For example, consultants and clients aren’t always using the same video technology for their meetings and getting these systems to talk to each other can sometimes be a stumbling block to effective communication.  



Maintain meeting professionalism and efficiency with the right video technology


“You don’t want to be the consultant who can’t connect to the meeting. If the goal is effective communication over video, then you need a solution that works out of the box, no matter the video platform your client chooses to use,” explains Heidi.


Solving this very challenge is what Pexip is all about. With its multiplatform video technology, Pexip is the translator between systems, ensuring that everyone can connect – seamlessly and easily.  


“Some clients may use Teams, others Google or perhaps Zoom. Consultants need to be the savvy professionals in between all these systems, showing that they can connect smoothly, on-time and with a good experience, rather than be a disruption to the meeting due to connectivity or interoperability issues.”


It comes down to showing that the consultant is adaptable and truly grasps this new way of work.


“Consultants have an opportunity here to tap into all that video has to offer,” says Heidi, “and show that they both understand the technology and can use it to add even more value to their services.”


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