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During the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has required brands and businesses everywhere to engage remotely with customers. This shift has shed new light on the many opportunities to be gained by engaging with customers using video.

Our newly published global report, The State of Video Communication in Large Enterprises, highlighted three key trends for video-enabled customer engagement strategies in 2022.


But, first...



What is customer engagement? And, how is customer engagement technology changing today?


Develop a stronger relationship with customers, build consumer engagement and enhance client engagement by becoming a video engagement leader in 2022 - and beyond - and capitalize on evolving customer engagement trends by:

  • Maximizing ease of use to drive customer adoption and satisfaction
  • Ensuring that customer interactions are private and secure, and that compliance requirements are met
  • Building stronger human connections through AI features and outstanding video and audio quality


1. The adoption of video for customer engagement is high, and this year will be about growth, strategy, and optimization.


More than two thirds (73.8%) of the executives and leaders surveyed in our report said that their sales and customer success teams are already using video for customer engagement. A similarly high percentage - 71% - reported using video conferencing daily for all types of meetings. Both numbers illustrate a high rate of adoption, especially considering that the survey was conducted in late summer/early fall 2021, a period when many Covid-19 restrictions had been eased or lifted.4-2

So what does this mean? That video is here to stay. Business leaders understand the power of video for all types of meetings, including interactions with clients, customers, and other end-users and are ready for the next step – optimizing and integrating.


Key considerations for choosing a video platform for a customer engagement solution and strategy are ease of use and flexibility. This makes it easier to integrate video into workflows and customize your customer experience through a video technology platform. 2022 is poised to see increasing video maturity and continuing growth in video adoption for customer engagement across all industries.



2. Video builds stronger customer relationships


Building strong customer relationships has long been a priority for driving key sales metrics like NPS and CLV. In 2022, relationship building will be high on the agenda, and, to stand out from more impersonal sales channels, sales pros will look for ways of making stronger, and longer-lasting human connections with customers.


Our survey revealed that replacing phone consultations with video is a highly effective way of doing this – about three quarters (84%) of the team leaders surveyed in our report agreed that video enables stronger connections with their customers than using voice-only phone calls.

Pexip_Infographics_Illustration_export-11Without the option to meet in person during the pandemic, customer success and sales leaders were given the option of either phone calls or video interactions for maintaining customer relationships. Now, our data shows that they are actively choosing video thanks to the many benefits it provides.


And continued advancements in customer engagement technology will only boost this trend. Experiences driven by AI technology like adaptive composition make it easier for sales and customer success professionals to interpret facial expressions and nonverbal cues. This allows for face-to-face remote meetings that are closer than ever to in-person interactions. Video-enabled customer engagement is efficient and timesaving for your team and your customers. Since it also can create stronger customer connections, it should be a key component of your 2022 engagement strategy.


3. Digital transformation puts customer retention in the spotlight


As digital transformation intensifies in 2022, up-and-coming challengers centered around legal tech, fintech, and e-commerce will ramp up the competition for established businesses. This will make retaining customers an increasingly high priority in 2022 for enterprises in industries like legal, financial services, and retail. Video is poised to be a key tool in the battle for keeping customers, especially since more than half of the leaders surveyed in our report agree that video increases customer retention.

Pexip_Infographics_Illustration_export-12In 2022, customer expectations are poised to be higher than ever, with demands for faster responses and more personalized communications front and center. CX and CS leaders see video as a way of streamlining customer service to shorten response times and provide a more personal customer experience, helping to keep churn rates to a minimum. As video-enabled customer engagement continues to mature, 2022 will see even more enterprises leveraging video to drive their customer retention strategies.



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