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Video technology makes it easy to buy anything online, even cars 


Our Sales Director, Henrik Notevarp, makes the case for video as a powerful solution for high involvement retail – you know, things like buying a car or designing a new kitchen. 

It’s not just the smaller retail purchases that are moving online these days. People expect to make their big purchases digitally as well, which can pose some challenges to the ‘click and add to cart’ model to which we’ve grown so accustomed. 


“If I’m in the market for a new car, the process is a bit different than buying a t-shirt. I want to be able to speak to someone, ask questions, understand my financing options, perhaps even negotiate a bit to make sure I get extra speakers installed. This is what we call high involvement retail, and doing this right requires the right video solution,” explains Henrik. 



Make it easy to meet on video 


A video solution that connects companies to customers is the first step. But oftentimes, arranging that important call can be a tedious task. Companies typically ask potential customers to fill in an online contact form, only to play a game of ping pong thereafter through a series of missed calls.  


“We saw this issue and we solved it in Pexip by integrating a scheduling function into our solution. That way, the customer can simply pick a time that corresponds with the sales representative’s availability and just like that, a video meeting is scheduled that works for both parties,” says Henrik. 



Keep it simple to capture (and keep) your leads 


Everything should be easy for customers, from the moment they start clicking through the scheduling tool, to the second they log on to the video meeting. It should be a seamless journey that doesn’t require any technical know-how or complicated installation procedures.  


“Customers are using all kinds of devices to connect with you, and they have varying degrees of experience with virtual meetings. And it’s the company’s job to cater to all of them,” says Henrik. “Simplicity is key to keeping customers moving through your funnel – ensuring that even the most complex purchases, whether a car or a kitchen, can be completed easily, completely online.” 


Find out more about Pexip and how our technology can transform your company’s high involvement retail interactions.  


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