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There have been several pivotal moments in Pexip’s 11-year history. The moment when the company launched its first-ever video platform. The moment when we embarked on a long-term relationship with Microsoft. The moment the pandemic struck, putting us in action mode to help businesses continue. And then there’s this moment, right now.


Today we announced our strategic alliance with Poly


Those in the video conferencing industry may remember them as just ‘Poly’, or ‘Polycom’ before that, a true pioneer of video conferencing. They are considered the inventor of the original video conferencing hardware that is still used around the world today.


Over the years, Poly has gathered a large and highly loyal customer base among many world-renowned enterprise brands and, perhaps more importantly, across public sector organizations such as governments and agencies worldwide.


Today Poly delivers critical infrastructure, video communication, and collaboration tools to thousands of organizations. Poly’s customers are trusted by millions of citizens everywhere to maintain peace and security, deliver public services such as healthcare, education, transportation, and public works, and generally run the world. These are the types of organizations that Pexip works with as well.



Poly is now part of HP


Last year, HP announced its intention to acquire the company to strengthen its position in hybrid and remote work solutions. The acquisition was completed in the fall of 2022. Shortly after, Poly and Pexip initiated discussions around opportunities for Poly to brand and resell Pexip products, marking the first steps towards a strategic alliance. Pexip has built a strong reputation over the past 10+ years for its industry-leading digital infrastructure that can be used by third parties. We are the technology choice for many of the most secure and mission-critical organizations in the world – a clear overlap with Poly’s customer base.


The combination of Poly and Pexip is a powerful one for organizations that seek seamless multiplatform interoperability, complete meeting and data control and unmatched flexibility of deployment and workflow customization – all of which are now possible on Poly’s devices and service offerings through this alliance.


Considering our shared customer base and the fact that Pexip products are designed to meet the strict requirements of the types of organizations that Poly serves, it was a natural next step to join forces and start working together in a strategic way.



Poly’s video systems + Pexip’s secure infrastructure


Today’s announcement of HP Poly and Pexip’s alliance means that Poly customers can continue to use their existing personal and in-room video systems from Poly, but now they are able to connect via Pexip infrastructure. This means that customers can benefit from Pexip’s upgraded capabilities, security and privacy features, and modern user experiences - fully supported by both companies and delivered to organizations worldwide.



So, what's next for customers and partners?


Customers can expect…

  • Enhanced solutions that combine the strengths of Poly and Pexip product portfolios.
  • Improved performance from both a quality and capabilities point of view.
  • Enhanced user experiences – even with existing video systems.
  • And perhaps most importantly, solutions that are always up to date and always have the latest features, capabilities, and security enhancements.

Reseller partners and integrators can expect…

  • Strong support from the combined forces of Poly and Pexip.
  • A more comprehensive product and solution portfolio that meets customers’ requirements with more choices and flexibility than ever before.

Personally, I am incredibly excited about this strategic alliance. It’s an alliance that was created in our customers’ best interest – one that ensures that organizations everywhere can benefit from better solutions, greater innovation, and a more comprehensive and collaborative approach from HP Poly and Pexip


Read more about Poly: Powered by Pexip here. 


For more information visit Poly's newsroom, or watch their live webinar about the announcement now.


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