Upgrade from Poly RealConnect to Poly CloudConnect Powered by Pexip

It has already been three years since I had the opportunity to join what was, at that time, the relatively small video conferencing company called Videxio. Small but incredibly ambitious, this company wanted to change the way people meet and communicate, their tagline being “It is always better to be seen.”

Less than a year later, another opportunity arose - the Videxio merger with Pexip. Here was a company with even greater ambitions to rock the video conferencing world. Since then, that’s just what we have done - and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. But one thing was certain from the beginning - that in order to reach our ambitious goals and objectives, the newly formed company needed to come together as One Team and clearly define its culture and values.


With this in mind, The Pexip Way was created by the employees themselves. All around the world, we all work and play The Pexip Way, which is based on the following principles:


  • One Team
  • No Bullshit
  • Professional & Fun
  • Freedom & Responsibility


Having started on this fabulous journey, suddenly the entire world faced the global Covid-19 pandemic, a game changer in many ways for people and organizations.


For Pexip, like many others, the pandemic was (and still is) posing a double challenge. On the one hand, Covid-19 created a huge opportunity for Pexip as the global demand for video conferencing took off, while on the other hand it meant that nearly all the (new) people in our fast-growing organization needed to join the company and work from their home office. In these challenging times, our culture, The Pexip Way, has really made the difference. By using our own technology, and reinforcing The Pexip Way values in all our virtual interactions, the journey continues. 



The secret to this success:


  • The Pexip employees have acted as #One team in their efforts to support our partners and customers in keeping their businesses running during these difficult times, by implementing easy-to-use and secure video communication so that people could work from home in a secure and easy manner.

  • Pexip’s #NoBullshit mentality meant that all staff rolled up their sleeves and did what needed to be done to keep our services running, while scaling to maximum capacity to deliver our solutions to the most critical sectors around the globe and supporting them in fighting the pandemic.

  • Although all staff worked from home, giving them a lot of #Freedom, every Pexiper has taken #Responsibility to make sure the job is getting done.

  • Besides this #Professionalism, there has been a lot of #Fun, not only in the virtual social events, but also on the job, because Pexip’s technology really helped our customers survive, which brings a smile to everybody’s face.


As a result of The Pexip Way, which is embedded in each and every Pexiper, I am confident that whatever objective or challenge we face, Pexip will achieve it and go even further. I am excited to continue rocking this video conferencing world and conquer it, because Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast - always!


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