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Pexip now offers customers the ability to “Bring Your Own Carrier” (BYOC) to any video endpoint registered on our service.

With BYOC, you can simply call out to PSTN (standard phone) from any video endpoint registered on the Pexip Service. All video endpoints in an organization can be enabled in a matter of minutes. It even allows for direct dial-in from PSTN to specific video endpoint (if supported by carrier).





Some of the benefits of using BYOC on the Pexip Service platform:

  • Use your preferred carrier to regain full control of billing, reduce PSTN charges, and take advantage of already negotiated prices
  • Increase value and reach of the video meeting room - with Pexip Service you can now connect to anyone
  • Keep and use the numbers you have already received from the carrier, no need for porting
  • Remove clutter from the physical meeting room. There is no need for that “spider phone” in the middle of the table. Only one device is needed for calling out.


If you have your own Session Border Controller (SBC), we can also integrate with this* to ensure full flexibility.


*subject to testing and verification



How does BYOC work?


The user places a call from their Pexip-registered video endpoint using a pre-defined prefix. The call is routed to the closest Pexip Service location. Pexip routes the call to the carrier where the call is accepted, and then delivered to the destination PSTN number.



More information about BYOC


If you are a Pexip customer, or want to become one, and want more information on this new feature, please see this site: https://help.pexip.com/service/admin-byoc.htm


If you are a Pexip partner and want more information on ordering and configuration, please see this site: https://docs.pexip.com/partner/portal/byoc-partner.htm


To learn more about the BYOC solution from our partner Voxbone please visit here: https://www.voxbone.com/library/pexip-user-guide/ 

Any other questions? Please contact me at amund.frislie@pexip.com


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