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(Crédit Mutuel Group)

Case Study

Country: France
Industry: Financial services
Number of employees: 83,200

With Pexip, Euro-Information can provide a solution for simplified, secure video appointments with clients.



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About Euro-Information

EURO-INFORMATION manages the Information System (IS) of 16 Crédit Mutuel Federations, all CIC Banks and all subsidiaries operating in the financial, technological, insurance, real estate, consumer credit, private banking and financing sectors.

The company shares the values of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale: innovation, proximity and solidarity while always keeping technology at the service of people.

Contacts: Yannick Fernbach, Head of Networks and Telecoms.

Pexip services in use

  • Virtual Meetings Rooms (VMR)
  • Interoperability (Skype for Business/video conferencing room)
  • Management of meeting room terminals



  • The need to modernize their video infrastructure
  • Need to integrate the service into Euro-Information data centers
  • To ensure interoperability with the company's systems, including Skype for Business and video infrastructures in its video conferencing meeting rooms.
  • To ensure secure exchanges and data confidentiality
  • Easy access via webRTC
  • Customize the video interface in the colors of the group's brands


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Pexip Solutions

  • Virtual Meetings Rooms (VMR)
  • Interoperability (Skype for Business/video conferencing rooms)
  • Management of room terminals


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  • The solution is hosted in Euro-Information data centers in France, in accordance with the company's security requirements.
  • Interoperability is guaranteed and transparent
  • The new process for video appointments is a real time saver for account managers and member clients


Previously, Euro-Information had a Video Appointment system that was based on the video conferencing solution that the group was already using and which is hosted in the company's data centers. With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, use of Video Appointments grew rapidly and Euro-Information wanted to make it easier and simpler for clients to connect with their staff.

With the solution that was previously in place, the user had to download software, which led to confusion and difficulty accessing the service. In the context of the pandemic, the Video Appointment has become a critical new channel. It is a question of making the solution more reliable and simplifying it for clients.

By anticipating future uses, Euro-Information developed a set of specifications for an updated video-conferencing solution:

  • A service that could be installed and hosted in Euro-Information data centers

  • A service that was interoperable with the company's systems (Skype for Business, video conferencing rooms,)

  • A service guaranteeing secure exchanges and confidentiality in communication

  • A solution available in WebRTC (without the need to download software) and compatible with devices on the market: smartphone, tablet and browsers

  • A solution that can be configured and customized in the colors of the group's different brands


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Why Pexip?

A test in operational conditions

Pexip was presented to Euro-Information in March 2021 by its technology partner Orange, and the goals of the new solution were established.

The Euro-Information teams were convinced by Pexip's ability to offer the solution by WebRTC (meaning, there would be no need for clients to download anything), the number of banks that are currently using Pexip, and the recommendation from Orange, a trusted Euro-Information partner.

The Pexip team began working on a POC (Proof of Concept) in mid-March 2021, which enabled Euro-Information personnel who were selected for the testing process to begin taking charge of the solution over a period of two months.

“The objective was to replace the existing video conferencing service by making it easy to use and learn for our clients, while respecting our IT philosophy, namely: a highly secure solution, hosted in our data centers and that can be customized in the colors of our banking group."
Yannick Fernbach. Head of Networks and Telecoms


Convinced by the success of the POC and after a pilot phase, Euro-Information started to deploy the Pexip solution at the end of June 2021. User buy-in was almost immediate.

“The new process for video appointments is a real time saver for account managers and our corporate clients," says Julien M, digital officer for the Caisse de Crédit Mutuel Mulhouse Fonderie Rebberg. 

"We only had positive feedback on its usability, especially the seamlessness and speed of the experience. The video appointment is a new communication channel that enables us to maintain a remote relationship with our clients in view of the current context. Video Appointments enable clients to discuss with their advisors from the comfort of their own home. We strongly recommend the use of this solution,” he says. 

From the first quarter of 2022, the solution is being used across all customers and members of entities that belong to the Euro-Information information system.

The solution is hosted in Euro-Information data centers in France, in accordance with the company's security requirements.


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