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We know that security and personal privacy are crucial when it comes to meetings. That's why we're excited to release a beta version of a new feature called one-time-use rooms.

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What are one-time-use rooms?


Today, you use your personal room to host meetings. This room already includes several security features like the ability to lock meetings once all guests have joined and set up PIN codes to restrict access, but the room link stays the same for every meeting. That means anyone can join your personal room if they have that room link and the necessary permissions (if enabled). This can potentially cause issues if you have back-to-back meetings that go long or if the meeting covers confidential material and someone uninvited joins.

One-time-use-rooms have unique room links that vanish after the meeting. So, only those invited to a specific meeting can access that unique room and join the call. This new functionality builds on our existing security features to give you more control over how you secure your meetings.





How do I schedule a meeting in a one-time-use room?


If you use the My Meeting Video for Outlook plugin, simply create a new meeting. You’ll be prompted to choose whether you want to create the meeting in a one-time-use room or in your permanent room. The default setting is a one-time-use room, but you can always change that by unchecking the box. The room information will automatically populate in the meeting invitation so your guests can join quickly and easily, and you have the option to customize the text. The workflow is the same on the My Meeting Video mobile app for iOS and Android.



Anything else I should know?


This feature also works offline! That’s right — you don’t have to be connected to internet to schedule a meeting in a one-time-use room. The service will remember the information you select while offline (up to a few meeting links) and send the invitations once you’re connected again.



When will this be available?


You can start using one-time-use rooms today. If you have any feedback or comments, we’d love to hear it! Email and let us know what you think. 

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