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Our Sales Director, Henrik Notevarp, talks about the digitalization of the banking industry, and the role that video is playing in maintaining customer ease and convenience. 


When was the last time you went into a bank? There’s no denying that the days of the brick-and-mortar bank are winding down, while the age of self-service portals and virtual support is on the rise across financial institutions just about everywhere.  


“Banks are embracing digitalization and working to ensure that most customer needs can be met online. However, some services require a bit more support and attention – things like getting a mortgage for example. Video is a great solution for this, but sometimes making those meetings happen can be a bit cumbersome,” explains Henrik.  



Ensure a smooth transition from web to video for your customers 


Transitioning a customer from the bank’s service portal to a video conversation with the right advisor is not always the smooth and seamless process it should be. Issues often arise in terms of scheduling the meeting at a time that suits both parties and ensuring that the video solution is easily accessible for all.  


“If I’m in need of a mortgage, I am likely browsing the bank’s website. If I’m interested, I would then click ‘Contact Us’ and leave my details. This would then typically result in a back-and-forth between me and the bank, as we attempt to find a meeting time, which can be a challenge,” adds Henrik. 



Integrate a scheduling and video solution into your tech stack to reduce customer hassle 


It’s these types of challenges that Henrik and the Pexip team are committed to solving for banks. They believe that by integrating a scheduling and video meeting solution like Pexip into the bank’s online site, both customers and bank advisors can save time and reduce hassle.  


“When you combine a strong scheduling component with an easy-to-use video solution that can be integrated with just about any system, you suddenly add a great deal of convenience for everyone involved,” says Henrik.  


“At Pexip, our goal is to help banking customers find the right meeting time, with the right advisor, on the right topic – directly from the bank’s website – resulting in an easy-to use and bank-brand video meeting that works seamless for all involved.” 


Find out more about Pexip and how it combines scheduling and video to truly transform your customers’ digital journeys.  


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