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Organizations today increasingly turn to self-hosting key software due to the increasing cyber security threats and vulnerabilities from potential service and network outages. A self-hosted or on-premises deployment means an organization maintains all data from video meetings and data from the management application for those meeting rooms.  


Modern, On-Premises Meeting Room Management


What is Cisco Telepresence Management Suite (TMS)?  


Cisco TMS is a solution to manage and monitor video conferencing equipment. It provides software updates, administration, and meeting booking and reporting.  



Is Cisco Telepresence Management Suite (TMS) end of its life? 


The future of the Cisco Telepresence Management Suite (TMS) is uncertain, so organizations are looking for a trusted on-premises solution to manage their suite of meeting rooms. Pexip’s Enhanced Room Management (ERM) software enables administrators to manage their video conferencing systems effortlessly and provides the following:  


  • System monitoring and management – all systems from a single management interface
  • Bulk provisioning of software upgrades  
  • Address books
  • Branding profiles
  • Endpoint macro provisioning
  • People count tracking  

Pexip’s Enhanced Room Management can also provide cost savings and improve efficiency as a TMS alternative. ERM has a single price for all features, so organizations don’t need to worry about costs quickly escalating with new versions or functionalities. Since the software can be hosted in the location of choice, there are also no hardware costs to consider.  




ERM provides a single solution to manage all Cisco video conferencing systems so administrators have a full overview in one tool. This means that less time is wasted troubleshooting or managing rooms between tools.  



Stay in control of data and your Cisco meeting rooms with Pexip’s Enhanced Room Management.  


  • Financial services
  • Enterprise
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Meet & collaborate securely
  • Secure Meetings
  • Business Continuity
  • Room Management
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