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The Future of Work: empower your hybrid workforce

Use video to stay connected, no matter the location, technology, or device.

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Today’s businesses must adapt to the new hybrid working model.

Embrace the evolution with Pexip.

What are the key 'future of work' elements for successful hybrid working?

Discover the value of interoperability with video meetings that are joinable from any technology, platform, or device, with no plug-ins or downloads.
Ensure data privacy and security compliance for your organization and customers across a dispersed workforce. Earn digital trust by using a secure meeting solution.
Scalability and flexibility are paramount to the future of work. Seamless integration with existing tools saves money and protects legacy IT investments.

Free on-demand webinar: Meeting equity in the hybrid workplace

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Watch this video to learn:

  • What 'meeting equity' is and why it matters

  • The role of IT, facilities, and HR in creating great employee experiences

  • Technology considerations for a hybrid workplace

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Connect everyone: use one platform to join any meeting

Modernize your business through streamlined internal and external communications.

Interoperability connects various meeting platforms, devices, and collaboration tools to easily bring everyone into the same meeting.

Bridge the gap between in-office video hardware and modern software platforms like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Extend IT budgets by protecting your legacy investments.

Hybrid worker uses video conferencing platform


Interoperability makes meetings stress-free, whether you're at home or in the office.


Gartner reports that 74% of companies will switch some employees to permanent remote work roles post COVID-19.

Deliver secure meetings for your dispersed workforce

Security is the cornerstone of Pexip's product and culture. Rest assured that your meetings will be private, and your data secure. Our security features include:

  • Use of industry-standard protocols, and full regulation compliance
  • Encryption of legacy devices
  • Data sovereignty and insights
  • Option for PIN-protected meetings and one-time meeting links
  • Private deployments

Virtual office video meeting


Security is paramount in today's digital economy. Earn digital trust through advanced meeting security.


Pexip is a GDPR and an ISO 27001 certified company that enables HIPAA compliancy. You can read more about our response to the Schrems II ruling, and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield invalidation, as a secure European video conferencing software provider. We know that the privacy and security landscape of video communications can be complex. Pexip simplifies security to give your organization invaluable flexibility.

Show customers and partners that you prioritize data privacy and encryption by offering a security-first meeting solution.


Find out why a secure meeting solution is one of the key priorities in shaping the future of workplace communications.

Integrate into existing workflows

The future of work requires flexibility for your team. Today's dispersed workforce needs tools that help them be productive and engaged, whether they're at home, traveling, or in the office.

Pexip video solutions are integrated into your existing workflows, tools, calendars, and devices, which streamlines the meeting experience.

Pexip allows you to use meeting room video hardware from vendors like Cisco, Poly, Lifesize, Avaya, or Yealink for meetings on different video services, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. We remove the guesswork, so you can get on with your day.

Hybrid worker at home


Choosing a meeting-agnostic video solution empowers workers to focus on tasks instead of technology.


Our technology eliminates confusion and frustration by enabling different meeting solutions to work together.

flexibility-v1Discover how we facilitate integration into existing workflows to help you support your organization's hybrid workforce.

New Research

Our global report on video adoption, trends, and opportunities

Late in 2021, Pexip conducted a survey of enterprise business leaders around the world. Download the exclusive report for key insights into the current state of video communication and culture.
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Reduce meeting fatigue with immersive AI 

Don’t settle for poor audio quality that drains your energy in back-to-back meetings, or screen layouts full of empty boxes instead of faces. Today’s AI-powered meetings can deliver a more natural, engaging experience to help users power through their workdays.


Empower tomorrow's workforce, today

Today's workforce represents fast, agile working patterns. Discover how one-touch access to video communication can complement your existing systems and help your team keep the pace in the modern economy, while providing more day-to-day flexibility.


Improve accessibility & enable innovation

Make sure the best ideas get heard. Pexip simplifies communication across borders, businesses, and platforms, enabling everyone to be included, regardless of their technology. Greater accessibility can drive innovation and encourage diversity on your team.


The age of innovation: Why video collaboration matters

Watch Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, describe the importance of why organizations need to make video collaboration as accessible as possible for employees, partners, and customers to fit agile, hybrid models of work in the age of innovation.


Leading in a Changed World

Post-pandemic changes in society & Technology

Economist & author, Kjell Nordström on the pandemic: How has society changed?

A year in isolation: what can we learn when working remotely?

Around the world sailor Jesse Martin on how his 328 days of isolation has parallels today.

What creates a human connection in telehealth today?

Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly on the importance of doctor patient communication.

How important is digital body language in a video meeting?

Dr Louise Mahler on how communication matters, especially during a video call.

Will tech influence the future of the office & wellbeing?

HY William Chan, the first architect ever on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, explains.

Remote work & trust: the secret to hybrid working?

Gihan Perera explores: how can business leaders build trust in a hybrid workforce?

Adapt your post-pandemic business growth strategy

Is planning key in business leadership today? Dr Jana Matthews explains.


Watch Jordan Owens, VP of Architecture for Pexip, explain how AI will drive meeting experiences of the future.


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Is your business ready for the hybrid workforce?

Pexip is ready to help your organization enter 'the future of work'. Make your hybrid workforce more successful through enhanced video collaboration.

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