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About Company Webcast



With more than 1,000 live and interactive webinars and webcasts per year, Company Webcast has been the market leader in webcasts, webinars, and conference calls since 2005. They create a quality service based on cutting-edge technology and a stable platform.


Webcasts and webinars from Company Webcast offer increased attendance capacity and 95% bandwidth reduction with peer-to-peer technology.  With a selection of solutions suitable for various use cases and budgets, Company Webcast supports companies in maximizing their visibility and communicating with their stakeholders anywhere in the world.


Company Webcast works in the UK, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, and Denmark. Company Webcast is part of Euronext Corporate Services, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone.


  • Reliance on expensive cameras and microphones in multiple locations for live webcasts

  • Need for improved user accessibility, including accessing the webinar/webcast platform from different devices and video conferencing systems

  • Finding a video conferencing solution that meets high standards for data protection and security


Pexip solutions

  • Pexip’s interoperable video conferencing solutions allow the audio and video of Company Webcast’s online events to be accessible from different video meeting platforms and devices, with reduced need for audio/video infrastructure


Pexip services in use

  • Kinly self-hosted Infinity solution, with integration into Company Webcast’s webinar/webcast platform
  • Pexip-as-a-Service for video endpoint registration, personal video clients, and personal VMRs



  • The flexibility and interoperability of Pexip helped create a smoother, more straightforward experience for end users

  • Pexip’s GDPR compliance and high standards for security allowed Company Webcast to maintain its high-security standards

  • The scalability of Pexip allows Company Webcast to adapt to changes in demand for virtual events, both during the Covid-19 pandemic and after



Company Webcast's services bring people from locations and industries across the globe into a single webinar (entirely virtual) or webcast (a hybrid or live online broadcast of a physical event). Before their integration with Pexip's video conferencing solution, webcasts were costly, requiring cameras and microphones in all locations. 


Company Webcast sought to provide users with a self-service solution that worked on any device and didn't require additional downloads. "We wish to be adaptable and to avoid requiring our users to adopt new tools," says Patrick van der Geest, Managing Director of Company Webcast.


Company Webcast required scalability on both ends for webcasts and webinars, based on the size of the audience and the event's needs. It requires robust technology with failsafe and backup plans built in. "Because webcasts are all live, everything needs to work instantly and perfectly," Patrick explains.


In addition to ensuring ease of access and use for the customer, data privacy and security were critical. "Security is a part of our DNA," says Patrick. "We strive to achieve a balance between being available to everyone and only accessible to the right people."




Why Pexip?



In 2018, Company Webcast started looking into the possibility of streaming video conferencing solutions from Pexip off their platform. A key reason for choosing Pexip included its interoperability, meaning that participants could easily access audio and video of online events from different video meeting platforms and use various devices. 


With Pexip, users don’t need to download anything extra to access Company Webcast’s online events, keeping in line with their goals for user accessibility. The seamless and flexible integration offered by Pexip sets it apart from other video conferencing providers.  


Company Webcast’s robust security standards and adherence to GDPR compliance made Pexip a natural fit. Pexip offers GDPR-compliant, security-first video conferencing solutions with encryption and security protocols. 


Company Webcast’s users and event attendees can rest assured that their online events are secure and individuals’ data remains private. 



For Company Webcast’s self-service offering, adopting Pexip’s video conferencing infrastructure solutions has enabled it to connect video conferencing and streaming into one event without additional hardware. The user experience of Company Webcast’s platform has also been improved thanks to the seamless integration with Pexip.


While Company Webcast’s focus had initially been on broadcasting live events, using Pexip’s services has enabled viewers to access webinars and webcasts from their time zones, at their convenience, and from their chosen devices. With the sudden shift to entirely virtual events due to Covid-19, adopting digital communication technologies has been difficult for many users.


The fact that we had Pexip integration in place before the pandemic made the transition to entirely virtual events easier for many of Company Webcast’s users.  The Pexip solution is also scalable, which is critical in these changing times.


Patrick notes that while Company Webcast experienced skyrocketing demand in 2020, once social distancing measures lifted, businesses returned to relying less on video conferencing technology and returned to more in-person meetings and seminars. But, he adds, “The ability to scale flexibly with Pexip, either upwards or downwards, helps.”


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