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Self-hosting critical software, such as a video conferencing platform, has many privacy and security benefits including greater control over data and workflows. It also enables organizations to make important considerations when selecting the ideal hosting location and platform, handling call control, and determining the best solution for break-in protection.  



What is toll fraud (VOIP) and how can you prevent it?


Video conferencing systems can fall victim to many types of cyber-attacks. One of the most common types of attacks is called toll fraud or Spam Over Internet Telephony (SPIT). In a toll fraud attack, the attacker will try to connect to many different phone numbers with the aim to gain access to a gateway that can then be used to dial premium services. The attacker can then make expensive calls at the victim’s expense. 


Another common attack is the attempt to discover unguarded resources, such as a virtual meeting room that is not protected by a pin, or the attacker tries to guess PINs when they are in use. Attackers will create scripts that automatically try to enter many different pin numbers in an attempt to guess the correct pin. If the correct pin is guessed, the attacker gains access to free video conferencing, at the expense of the account owner.  



Self-hosted Pexip Infinity has built-in cybersecurity protection against many types of cyber attacks.


Self-hosted Pexip Infinity provides built-in cybersecurity protection against these types of break-ins. By default, PIN brute force resistance and VOIP scanner resistance are enabled so attacks are blocked and administrators are notified of the break-in attempts.  


PIN brute force resistance means that access to a Video Meeting Room (VMR) will be blocked if there is a significant number of failed pin entries. If the VMR is blocked, all new access attempts will be stopped and the room will appear unavailable for a period until manual action is taken.  


Pexip’s VOIP scanner resistance is used to protect against toll fraud attempts. It’s activated when an unknown IP address dials many incorrect aliases in a short period of time. This protection is part of the Pexip Infinity platform. It’s available to our customers at no additional costs and protects your meetings from day one.  


Pexip’s Secure Meetings put you in control of your data while helping to protect your organization from attackers. Learn more here.


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