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This is a contributed blog post by Gary Kayye, founder of THE rAVe Agency, following his Krystal Ball predictions. 

Although Pexip has been around for nearly ten years, many in the industry either didn't know about Pexip or didn't understand what makes the product unique, even though it's powering video communications for leading organizations like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Intel, and Vodafone. But, now more than ever, Pexip has the opportunity of a lifetime to become mainstream in the professional AV industry. 



Video Communication in the 1990s


Why, and why now?


For starters, corporations have realized that thanks to AV integrators, soft-codec-style video communication isn’t the old-timey video conferencing of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Back then, video conferencing was “out of our hands” and relegated to a negotiation between giant telecoms - like BellSouth and AT&T - and giant network switch companies - like Cisco. And, at best, video conferencing was "less than desirable." In fact, the integration of video conferencing, in most companies, meant that the person using it for meetings literally had to reinvent their workflows - for example, get to a meeting room 15-20 minutes before a video conference was supposed to start to make sure it worked. Crazy, right? But, that was better than an audio-only meeting, right? Sort-of.



Video Conferencing Today


The world has changed. Today, users expect to be able to launch a video meeting instantly -- whether from a desktop app, a browser, a meeting room, or a mobile device. They’re not thinking about telecom hassles, network switch settings, or a change in meeting workflows. Joining a meeting has become quick and simple, so anyone can connect. 



The Rise of Pexip


Pexip has been around since 2011 delivering this easy, reliable meeting experience for large organizations that want to simplify their video conferencing. If you haven’t heard of Pexip, that’s about to change.


In addition to offering a soft-codec-based video platform that’s considerably higher resolution than its competitors, Pexip is also offering the interoperability promise that everyone’s asked for since 2015. 


The cry, “When can I join any call I am invited to, be it on Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, or other meeting platforms?” has been heard. Pexip can do that. 


Using a Cisco room system and want to join a Zoom call? Pexip can do that. 


Need to schedule a meeting in every UCC platform allowing for one-click join, regardless of the UCC platform the attendees prefer to use? Pexip can do that. 


2021 will be the year that users discover that Pexip could very well be the platform we’ve all been waiting for. 


In addition to interoperability, Pexip offers un-throttled, 1080p resolution calls, and 64kbps audio.  It’s sold exclusively through ProAV integrators who can manage the connectivity as well as manage features like the Internet of Things, analytics, people counting, and a hybrid workforce that’s partially in-office and partially scattered around the world - all the time. And, report back usage data to IT in a way that allows for completely efficient space usage. 


In my 2021 Kayye’s Krystal Ball I promised that this year would be the Year of Pexip and, with the impending Pexip Room solution, this could very well spill over into 2022, 2023, and 2024, too.


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