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Pexip and NVIDIA collaborate to provide advanced, secure, private AI solutions for video meetings. These solutions include AI speech analytics using AI-powered Automatic Speech Recognition, commonly referred to as ASR, which enables live captioning and translation – essential to provide accessible and compliant meetings for all participants while also ensuring strict data privacy for regulated sectors such as healthcare and government.



The role of AI in video conferencing and the challenges with private AI


AI plays an integral role in the video conferencing experience, being responsible for almost imperceptible enhancements like reducing background noise and smartly framing faces.


Lately, more advanced uses of AI in video conferencing are rapidly entering the market. This includes technologies such as live captioning and translation during meetings. While much of the information captured in a typical video meeting isn't necessarily confidential, some meetings have strict requirements for protecting the user, the data, or the meeting itself.


This is especially true for meetings involving government officials, doctors and patients, lawyers and clients, military officers, and government-to-citizen interactions, all of which take place within highly regulated sectors. These meetings must be kept secure and private to protect the individuals on the call and the sensitive nature of the conversations, some of which may be classified as Secret or even Top Secret. Keeping classified information private at all costs is crucial, as leaks of such conversations can have severe consequences.



The performance of ASR is essential


Providing video conferencing solutions to highly regulated organizations has been a strategic initiative for Pexip since day one. Let's consider a healthcare provider aiming to deliver exceptional medical care to its patients. They understand that medical care sometimes needs to be provided via video when direct face-to-face interaction is impossible.


However, healthcare providers may encounter challenges when meeting patients over video, such as ensuring accessibility for hard-of-hearing patients and overcoming language barriers for clear communication. Captioning is an essential tool for what is commonly referred to as hard-of-hearing (DHH) people. For individuals who cannot hear, making spoken language accessible is fundamental.


Research finds that the quality and performance of various ASR implementations differ greatly from vendor to vendor based on variables such as AI models, technical quality of spoken data, language, biases, and much more.


This is why Pexip integrates NVIDIA's Maxine and Riva platforms with our video platform, resulting in highly accurate, low-latency live captions and live speech-to-speech translation capabilities powered by their industry-leading AI-powered Automatic Speech Recognition technology. The result is what we believe is among the most accurate live captioning and live translation solutions possible. Third-party testing also suggests that NVIDIA ranks highly for performance.


The difference in Pexip's approach to solving these challenges lies in offering customers a private, secure, and self-hosted option for using AI.


Self-hosted enablement of AI is essential to ensure privacy and the protection of critical data. The confidential information exchanged during video meetings and captured by AI must remain entirely within their control.



Ensuring private AI and compliance


The meeting data in a healthcare provider setting is sensitive. Pexip's private and self-hosted AI solution gives customers full ownership, management, and control over the environment where AI processing occurs. As a result, Pexip is unable to access, read, train on, or share the AI data, and no AI data is stored in an accessible way, as with some cloud-based AI services. Instead, the healthcare provider can deploy Pexip and run its AI-powered video meeting engine. No patient data processed during video meetings ever leaves the organization's system.


Pexip collaborates with organizations to deliver secure video meeting services, catering to healthcare providers, citizens, and elected government representatives worldwide and is recognized as a leading provider of private AI solutions.



A compliant AI future


As AI continues to advance, video conferencing solutions will evolve with new functionality. Pexip anticipates exciting developments in the future and will continue the relentless focus on ensuring privacy and data control. Learn more about Pexip's approach to private AI for highly regulated industries and how it can benefit your organization.


Why is private and secure AI so important for video conferencing?


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