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Pexip Secure Meetings

A self-hosted and secure video conferencing solution that can be used in any meeting room or on any device.

Pexip Secure Meetings

Privacy, control, and compliance drive the need for secure meetings

Manage risk and compliance with robust protection standards tailored to every industry.


Compliance & data control

Adhere to data sovereignty requirements by ensuring data transfer and storage align with local regulations. By self-hosting the deployment, you can be confident that your data remains your data.


User access & authentication

Use advanced authentication to ensure only the right people attend the right meeting at the right time. Grant access based on attributes like role, device type, location, and IP address.


Redundancy & backup

Implement resilient video meetings as part of your business communication plan, whether to comply with regulations such as NIS2 or to ensure uninterrupted access to a collaboration platform.

Business continuity

Zero trust architecture

Adhere to zero trust principles by enforcing continuous identity and integrity verification for all users and devices, irrespective of location, and implementing stringent access controls and authentication measures.

Zero trust architecture

A modern software platform

Pexip Secure Meetings is a self-hosted video conferencing solution. Designed to run in private or sovereign clouds, or on-premises. The solution is easy to install, manage, and scale – you can be up and running in a couple of hours.

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Your secure meeting alternative

Pexip Secure Meetings can run side-by-side with your everyday meeting solution.
For meetings that demands privacy and control.
differing security and privacy policies

Easily book secure meetings with a button in Outlook

Schedule sensitive discussions using Pexip Secure Meetings. Easily booked with the customizable Outlook Add-in to ensure that your meetings are fully compliant.


For regular daily meetings use your cloud-based collaboration tool.

Ensure your security & privacy requirements are met with a self-hosted meeting platform

complementary video ervice for security requirements

Build trust through a familiar branded interface

Create a personalized user experience

Customize your meeting experience and build trust. Logo, colors, images and text. Your branding before, during and after the call.

Ensure that the right person attends the right meeting

Verify users’ identities by authenticating against the identity provider of your choice to ensure zero trust.

Leverage your identity provider of choice

Ensure only authorized and identified individuals enter a meeting. 


Integrate with identity providers, like Google, Microsoft, or Okta for secure access.


Authenticate users through Single Sign-On protocols such as SAML 2.0 and Open ID connect (OIDC) for easy, secure logins.

Kick authentication up a notch

Pexip's access control uses a policy server with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) for security and customization.


It assigns access by roles (RBAC) and fine-tunes permissions with ABAC, ensuring precise control and protection of sensitive resources.

Encourage situational awareness

Create security awareness

Begin the meeting with a brief, automated message to alert attendees of the advanced security measures in place.

Display classification levels

Inform participants of the elevated security measures in place by way of adjustable classification indicators within the meeting environment.

Integrate and customize solutions

Harness our APIs and SDKs for your platform

Leverage our comprehensive APIs and SDKs to:

  • Tailor the plaform to your specific needs, including user interface design and functionality
  • Integrate with existing systems and workflows
  • Conform to your unique security requirements – our definition of security is your definition of security
Video meeting APIs and SDKs for your platform

You own all data associated to your meetings

Your data is your data

In shared cloud solutions you don't get to know where your data goes. Maintain complete control over the routing, storage, and handling of your video traffic, including associated data and metadata such as call detail records, personally identifiable information, and meeting patterns.

Your data is your data

Compliance made easy

Adhere to data sovereignty requirements by ensuring data storage and transfer align with local regulations. This adherence not only ensures legal compliance but also aligns with regional data handling and security mandates.

Compliance made easy

Stay in control of AI data

Privately and securely enable AI features for your video meetings, while keeping all training and input data within the borders of your organization. For industries under strict regulations and security requirements.

Platform agnostic.
Flexible deployment.

For organizations required to adhere to data sovereignty or data location legislation.
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Certified by the strictest security standards worldwide

Pexip prioritized security from day 1. Because security can't be retrofitted.

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