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Pexip’s new Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS) provides tools and APIs to easily integrate video in any app or service – designed for regulated industries that demand privacy and control of data.  


Oslo, 7 December 2023 – Pexip, a global leader in providing secure and customizable video solutions, today announces its new VPaaS beta release. With this release, a select group of Pexip customers are testing this “on-demand” cloud service, enabling them to easily embed and customize video experiences into any web service or application.  


VPaaS is built on the strengths of Pexip’s video software, which is used in some of the world's largest video deployments today. 


“We see video moving into many new segments that are now digitalizing their services. Our VPaaS offering is designed to make video a seamless part of existing apps and services so that developers can integrate a custom video experience with minimal effort,” says Trond Johannessen, CEO of Pexip.  



A compliant and secure video platform  


To meet the compliance needs of highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and government, Pexip VPaaS is designed from the ground up to avoid the need to store Personal Identifiable Information (PII), and all data traffic is kept within defined regions to adhere to growing data sovereignty regulations in parts of the world.   


“At Pexip, we are committed to meeting the video needs of organizations that require the most secure and custom solutions – such as for a healthcare facility or a bank operating under European or American regulations, and we have extensive experience providing video software in these settings. There are strict data privacy and protection requirements to be met and a growing focus on upholding the highest security standards among our customers,” says Johannessen.   


“With our new VPaaS offering, we are sticking to our core principles of privacy and data control while also offering a solution that is easy to adopt, support, and scale so that our customers can build a video experience that’s ideally suited to them and their customers’ needs,” he adds.  



Unique features of the Pexip VPaaS  


  • No storage of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)  
  • Regionally geo-fenced managed services 
  • Full SDKs, components, sample apps, and documentation 
  • Fully brandable and customizable layouts  
  • Support for simultaneous audio, video, and data streams from multiple devices 
  • Rich, high quality video experience designed by experienced industry experts 



Frost & Sullivan on Pexip VPaaS  


Data privacy and control are paramount when addressing the video collaboration needs of end user organizations in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, finance, and public sector. With the upcoming release of VPaaS, Pexip is leveraging its experience in these industries to strengthen its embedded video collaboration solutions. There is a significant difference between a custom-developed video platform and a generic video conferencing application, which Pexip clearly understands,” says Michael Brandenburg, Sr. Industry Analyst for Information & Communications Technology, Frost & Sullivan. 



From beta to full release in 2024  


Still in beta testing, Pexip VPaaS is currently available by invitation only. The full version is expected to be released in early 2024. It will be made available directly to end users and through Pexip’s service provider partners, who will integrate VPaaS with more extensive product offerings.   


If you want to be part of Pexip’s VPaaS beta testing, contact us here.  



About Pexip  


Pexip makes seamless video communication available to all organizations regardless of technology platforms and security requirements. Pexip video technology powers everything from business communication to ultra-secure government meetings, medical appointments, and legal proceedings. 


Pexip (PEXIP) is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Please visit us at or on LinkedIn. 





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