Join Teams meetings from Zoom Rooms. Zoom & Pexip partnership
Connect for Teams Rooms

Join any meeting from Microsoft Teams Rooms

Make every meeting work without friction. Enjoy dual screen support and local content sharing.


Interoperability for Teams Rooms

Make your Teams Rooms work with any meeting, including Zoom, Google Meet and Webex.

Dial to and from other devices

Call to and from Teams Rooms devices directly to other video devices (SIP/H.323), from vendors such as Cisco, Poly and Avaya.
Microsoft-Teams-Room-dialing-to-and-from-SIP-Devices ​

Direct Guest Join vs.
Pexip's Guest Join

Unmatched experience with dual screen support and local content sharing.

Single screen audio/video
meeting only


Dual screen audio/video
meeting only

Make your Teams Rooms do more

Join more meetings

Now you can join any meeting that has a SIP or H.323 address right from the Teams Rooms. Don’t be limited to Zoom or Webex meeting when using Direct Guest Join.

Join with a touch of a button

Whether it is a Teams, Zoom or Webex meeting, you can join the way you are used to – with a single click of a button.

Share content using in-room features

Share content via in-room HDMI cable. 

Use both screens

In rooms with two displays, participants and content will automatically show on both screens.

Certified technology

Developed with Microsoft based on our certified Cloud Video Interop (CVI) technology, for a reliable, consistent, and robust experience.


Works with all Teams Rooms vendors

Pexip’s One-Touch Join for Teams Rooms is coming soon for Windows-based devices, and in 2025 for Android-based devices.


How to buy

Pexip Connect for Teams Rooms is available globally and can be purchased through Azure Marketplace or our certified resellers.




1080p Full HD

Benefit from up to 1080p Full HD video resolution for all.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I buy Pexip products?

Pexip is easy to buy on your terms. Choose from an extensive network of certified channel partners or purchase through Azure Marketplace (AMP).


Pexip leverages the private offer mechanism in AMP ensuring you get the specific solution for your needs.


100% of the Pexip private offer counts towards your existing commitment agreements. If you have a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) or Commit to Consume (CtC) agreement, Pexip offers count towards your commit agreements.


Contact Pexip to discuss your private offer.

Can I join a Zoom/Webex meeting from my Teams Room with Pexip?

Yes, you can. Join every Webex, Zoom, and any other meeting that has a SIP address right from the touch panel with a single touch of a button. Enjoy beautiful full screen video and content sharing even from your own laptop.

How do I set it up? Is it quick and easy?

Yes, it is quick to set up. Just get your licenses, run a few Powershell commands, and you are up and running in no time at all – enterprise wide. All your rooms will work right away. 

Read the implementation guide. 

Do I need to train my employees?

No. Nothing changes in your Teams Rooms. Simply schedule the meeting, reserve the room, and  the user experience will be exactly the same as they are used to when they click to enter a Teams meeting.

Do I need to reschedule existing meetings?

No. It works with existing meetings too. Just make sure you have the room reserved with that meeting you want to join.

Do I need additional services I need to manage?

Yes. You will get access to Pexip Control Center with analytics and diagnostics to see how your Teams Rooms are used with non-native Teams meetings.

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