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The company builds on success with customers like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA); establishes a dedicated healthcare team to capture market momentum


HERNDON, Va. – June 19, 2019 – Today, Pexip, a leading video conferencing and collaboration solutions provider, announced it is making strategic investments in its America's healthcare division. Pexip enables telemedicine for some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world, and this increased focus will bring additional support to existing customers and accelerate its momentum in the market. 


The healthcare industry faces complex challenges in delivering quality care, ranging from patients’ geographic access barriers to providers’ technology barriers. Many healthcare organizations still use legacy video infrastructure and endpoints that do not integrate with other workflows.


Pexip helps organizations overcome these obstacles by enabling telehealth consults on a customizable video platform that integrates into existing workflows. Patients can join virtual appointments without downloading software or plugins, and providers can join using existing video conferencing systems, telehealth carts, or unified communications platforms.



Powering US telemedicine & global telehealth for leading healthcare organizations


The VA has enabled telehealth for millions of veterans across hundreds of VA sites. The VA surpassed 1 million virtual visits last year, with hundreds of thousands of veterans using video technology, an effort recently highlighted in national television commercials.


With VA Video Connect, powered by Pexip, patients can speak to their care provider through fully-branded, customized web and mobile applications. The telehealth app makes it easier for veterans to access the care they need, especially those who live far from a VA facility or have a condition that makes travel difficult.


Similarly, the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), which enhances access to care through virtual resources, is one of the largest telemedicine providers in the world. OTN leverages the Pexip platform to enable provider-patient collaboration across hospitals, healthcare clinics, and patient homes. Accordingly, OTN telemedicine support enabled over one million visits in the past year.



Establishing a dedicated healthcare team


Pexip has established a dedicated healthcare team led by Rik Coder, VP of Public Sector sales for the Americas, to build on these successes and support existing customers. In addition to working with healthcare organizations, the group will support Pexip channel partners and service providers in the space, including ConvergeOne, American Well, Yorktel, and Iron Bow. The latest addition to the team is Rob Mackey, sales director – East.


Mackey brings over 24 years of experience in healthcare and video conferencing. In his previous roles with CenturyLink, Polycom, and AT&T Video Solutions, he worked with healthcare providers and other large enterprises on telehealth initiatives with more than 5,000 endpoints nationwide and specialized projects, such as telestroke programs.


Pexip’s dedicated healthcare team will help organizations implement video conferencing for administrative and telehealth uses. They can help those moving away from legacy video infrastructure and design customized, flexible, and user-friendly video collaboration strategies that drive telehealth adoption by patients and caregivers, supporting some of the world’s largest telemedicine deployments.


“Pexip is a critical part of our video delivery stack because it gives us the flexibility to create next-generation healthcare experiences that are customized around patient care and not just off-the-shelf video conferencing plugins,” said Mike Baird, president, Customer Solutions, American Well. “As we continue to enhance and scale high-quality, easy-to-access  digital care, we look forward to working with Pexip.”


“Telehealth has been shown to increase patient satisfaction and quality of care while reducing treatment costs,” said Rik Coder, VP of Public Sector sales for the Americas at Pexip. “Many healthcare organizations, however, struggle to launch successful programs due to legacy infrastructure, siloed collaboration tools, or a poor user experience.


Our dedicated telehealth team has the expertise to help providers uncover the best solutions that address their interoperability and adoption challenges so they can focus on what they do best – providing quality care – without worrying about the underlying technology.”


Learn more about Pexip’s telehealth solutions and how they help to connect patients and providers seamlessly.


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