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Pexip was recognized as the 2021 Competitive Strategy Leader in the Australia Video Conferencing Services in the Healthcare industry.

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SYDNEY, Australia – Wednesday 8th December 2021 – Pexip, a leading provider of secure, scalable video conferencing solutions, announced it had been awarded the 2021 Australia Video Conferencing Services in Healthcare Competitive Strategy Leadership Award by global research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan for enhancing healthcare services for 13 million Australian residents.

The need to provide increased access and continuity of care in a physically distanced world has never been more profound. Information security, interoperability, and ease of use are essential for video conferencing solutions in healthcare. Pexip strives to make healthcare video conferencing services better than in-person patient visits to clinics, with healthcare providers benefiting from flexible video conference hosting options. It allows patients – regardless of their device or platform - to join virtual clinics with a single click, delivering healthcare services from the hospital to the home.


“Through its video conferencing services for the healthcare sector, Pexip addresses challenges facing healthcare providers to make video conferencing available to all patients seeking virtual visits. It enables patients to join virtual physician clinics with a single click using an application or a web browser on any device, democratizing healthcare service delivery,” said the Principal Consultant of Information Communications and Technologies at Frost & Sullivan, Shailendra Soni.


Earlier this year, Deloitte predicted that Australia would exceed the global average (5%) for telehealth adoption, with more than 10% of Australians regularly using telehealth services in 2021, with virtual health shifting to become a consumer norm. NSW Health, Queensland Health, and Telehealth Tasmania are public sector organizations utilizing Pexip video technologies.


“Since 2016, Queensland Health has worked with Pexip to devise and create the Queensland Telehealth Virtual Clinic, a custom-developed platform running over Pexip video communications,” a representative from Queensland Health Telehealth said. “As a part of the pandemic response, virtual care has provided our clinics an alternative to in-person care across a wide range of specialty services. This has ensured that accessing healthcare remains a priority for the community. Our specialists, nurses, and allied health providers across Queensland have embraced providing care virtually to stay connected and offer an alternative to in-person care, where it is clinically appropriate and safe.”  


Global President of Sales and Marketing at Pexip, Åsmund Fodstad, said that the Company’s priority in this space is continued innovation. Pexip wants to ensure secure, high-quality user experiences for healthcare professionals and patients whenever they want or need to connect over video rather than meeting in person.


“In-person meetings will always be required in certain circumstances. However, our experience in healthcare tells us that there’s a strong desire for telehealth, particularly for those in rural communities or those who are immuno-suppressed or particularly at risk,” said Fodstad.


“We’ve admired the innovation and commitment of Australian healthcare organizations such as NSW Health, Queensland Health, and Telehealth Tasmania – who not only deliver medical care over video – but who have also introduced new ways of connecting groups such as aged care residents or ICU patients with their families and friends – at a time when meeting in-person can no longer be taken for granted.”


Pexip makes video meetings as simple as voice calls, with healthcare organizations able to launch the virtual telehealth solution from any web browser, thus eliminating the need to invest in costly video conferencing devices. The one-click meeting capability for web browsers allows healthcare providers to improve the accessibility and delivery of healthcare services to patients, including those residing in hard-to-reach locations far away from physical clinics. In addition, the Pexip platform helps patients save on travel time and costs to healthcare facilities. As a secure video conferencing platform, Pexip empowers and connects people across borders, businesses, and technologies, currently supporting around 15% of Fortune 500 companies.


Pexip’s virtual telehealth solution replicates the doctor-patient workflow in clinics, including providing ad-hoc and scheduled appointments and making video conferencing services for health better than the in-person experience. The solution allows group sessions in the virtual meeting room (VMR), bringing specialists, doctors, and patients together, including an interpreter for patients requiring the translation of doctor-patient interactions, to provide real-time diagnosis, reduce the need for multiple patient visits, and deliver better than in-person patient visits. With the video conferencing platform, providers can deliver next-level healthcare services, improve the patient experience, and lower the cost of healthcare services.


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Pexip simplifies complex videoconferencing to empower organizations with face-to-face collaboration, regardless of location or technology. Our scalable platform enables high-quality video meetings with enterprise-grade security and is easily adapted to fit customers' IT requirements and existing infrastructure. This makes Pexip the leading provider for large enterprises and public sector organizations. The solution is sold through 300 channel partners in 75 countries and used in over 190 countries. Pexip was listed on the Oslo Børs in May 2020.



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