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It’s a typical 2020 story: COVID-19 forces Belgian-based eyewear shop Brilart to shut down.


But when the lockdowns started easing, Brilart had a new concern to add to their reduced revenue: how would they guarantee a safe environment for their staff and customers post-reopen?

Key stakeholders

  • Pexip Engage
    Online appointment booking system

  • Brilart
    Boutique eyewear shop with Belgian stores based in Torhout & Heule

  • Kristof Van Laethem
    Account manager at Adfundum, a digital marketing consultancy
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"Our experience with Pexip Engage was highly positive. The support was excellent, and Brilart was delighted. It is a real win for us: helping transform Brilart's fortunes during considerable international uncertainty", says Kristof Van Laethem Brilart, Account Manager at Marketing Agency, Ad Fundum.



Between a pandemic, a promotion, and an already questionable setup, Brilart needed a better way to schedule appointments.


Before COVID-19 forced them to reconsider business practices, Brilart operated like most other eyewear retailers: Customers waited for their appointments in a waiting room but were often left waiting longer than expected because the previous meeting had run over—an unacceptable approach to customer service.

Social distancing guidelines and a looming Batjes festival promotion made it clear that it was time to prioritize a streamlined booking system. Although the festival was canceled, Brilart felt Pexip Engage could help them retain the business they get this time of year and decided to run the promotion anyway. It was a good call, as their monthly revenue for May surpassed that of previous years.



Pexip Engage offers Brilart the flexibility they need, delivering remarkable results.


After much research (and almost signing on with another company), Adfundum realized Pexip Engage was the only tool that could deliver on all the essential requirements they had for Brilart’s new system:

  • Automatic call-to-action buttons embedded on the marketing site
  • Quick implementation, so it was ready for the promotion
  • The ability for customers to be able to choose a branch and a time slot
  • Built-in time buffers for appointments for a better customer experience

Before launch, Adfundum wanted to ensure customers knew about the better experience. They promoted the launch via several channels, including a social media campaign. “The customers’ reaction has been super positive,” Kristof said. “They’re so excited the wait is finally over.” Customer excitement showed in other ways too. Within the first week of implementation, all employee schedules were full.

Onboarding and launch timeline

  • Week 0
    Kick-off: Adfundum signed with Pexip Engage

  • Week 1
    Appointment scheduling social media campaign begins

  • Week 2
    Brilart opens appointment scheduling with Pexip Engage

  • Week 3
    Brilart stores reopen with fully booked schedules

  • Week 4
    It’s official: May 2020 revenue is higher than May 2019

  • Week 6+
    Onwards and upwards: Batjes promotion on social media

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