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Welcome to Pexip's leading in a changed world video series, where we talk with business leaders and experts to:

  •  Assess the post-pandemic state of business and society
  •  Explore how business leaders can reset and rebuild their business 
  •  Learn how to show up, present, and lead in video conferences


Post-pandemic changes in society and technology


Pexip interviewed renowned Swedish economist and author Kjell Nordström. His latest book, "Corona Express: An Essay on Time Travel" explores how society has changed as a result of the pandemic.


In this interview, Kjell Nordström will touch upon following topics:

  • Our world has advanced (but also regressed)
  • Technology has cushioned the economic fallout
  • From globalism to urbanism
  • What is self-leadership
  • 3 takeaways for leaders

Post-pandemic business recovery and reinvention


Next, we chatted with Brian Ferreira, vice president and managing executive partner at Gartner. Brian is a global expert in business and technology trends and executive leadership.


In this interview, Brian Ferreira talks about:

  • A global approach to business recovery
  • Post-pandemic business survival and leadership approaches
  • What are 4 key qualities in business leaders
  • Post-pandemic business recovery - advice for leaders

Business growth strategy: think big...not small


As part of our series, Pexip spoke to Dr. Jana Matthews, ANZ Chair in Business Growth and Director of the Australian Centre for Business Growth. 


Dr. Matthews is a global authority on entrepreneurial leadership and business growth and has helped businesses thrive through major or devastating events.  


This Interview covers the following topics:

  • Rebound & Grow
  • How to plan for business growth
  • Business growth tips: 3 takeaways for leaders

How to show up, present and lead in video conferences


In this episode, we talk to the leadership mentor, coach, and keynote speaker, Dr. Louise Mahler. 


Dr. Mahler discusses the importance of body language and how we use our voice when we’re connecting via video:

  • Body language - art or science
  • How to improve your body language
  • The importance of voice
  • 3 takeaways for leaders


Beyond post-pandemic challenges


As the post-pandemic dust settles, new economic challenges arise, keeping business leaders on their toes. 

We hope that the views provided by the selection of experts in our 'Leading in a changed world' series can be applied to new challenges in an ever-changing business landscape.



  • Financial services
  • Enterprise
  • Retail
  • Digital transformation
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