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Pexip is dedicated to ensuring that any organization can enjoy seamless video communication, regardless of technological platforms and security needs. With the introduction of version 34, available from 15 March, we're launching new features and a range of enhancements designed to improve virtual meetings and simplify processes for both end-users and administrators.



Custom layouts 500x280



Create the optimal layout for your video meeting


Organizations can now design their own custom layouts, allowing administrators to arrange the video feeds to meet their needs, while enhancing focus and efficiency. Whether it's highlighting the speaker, organizing panels for a team discussion, or simply creating new layouts to suit unique scenarios, Pexip's custom layout feature enhances user engagement and maximizes the effectiveness of every video call. Try it out here.



Customize the "join meeting” experience with critical information


Administrators can use customization to add an extra step to the join flow to show additional information (for example, Terms and Conditions of use) which can optionally require acceptance or confirmation from the user for them to proceed with the call.



Optimized for portrait mode (tech preview)


This feature ensures that any device, such as smartphones and tablets, which naturally orient in portrait mode, receive a video layout optimized for their display. This adaptation improves the viewing experience by maximizing screen real estate and aligning content appropriately for the user.



Breakout rooms that are workshop ready


Guests in breakout rooms can now easily request assistance from the meeting host. When a participant requests help, the host has the option to join the specific breakout room seeking aid. This capability is useful in scenarios such as virtual workshops, where a participant may need clarification on a task or topic. The host can quickly enter the room to provide the necessary guidance, ensuring the smooth progression of the session.


And more! In addition to the features listed above, Pexip Infinity v34 also includes several more new and useful additions:

  • Pexip’s CVI integration with Microsoft Teams now includes “Fit to frame” support and more efficient scheduled scaling
  • Far End Camera Control improvements
  • Enhancements for secure access to the management interface
  • Presentation quality improvements to content sharing 


Time to upgrade?


We strongly advise customers to always upgrade to the most recent version of the platform. Doing so ensures access to new features, enhancements, and crucially, up-to-date security patches, which gives everyone a more robust and secure user experience.


Download Infinity version 34 here.


Read the Upgrading Quick Reference Guide here.


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