Join Teams meetings from Zoom Rooms. Zoom & Pexip partnership

Seamless collaboration across different video conferencing platforms is essential. This is why we continuously innovate to enhance the meeting experience for our users.


During Q1 ‘24, we will make a significant service upgrade and enhance the meeting experience on our cloud service with an immersive Teams-like experiences for all SIP and H323 endpoints connected to Teams using CVI. This is included and will be enabled for all Pexip Connect Standard customers with Enterprise Room Connector Premium (ERC-P) licensing.




Bringing a Teams-like experience to every room


The Teams-like experience applies the familiar and intuitive look and feel of Microsoft Teams to any standards-based video conferencing system connecting via Pexip CVI. This means that users can seamlessly join Teams meetings from their existing devices and enjoy much of the same functionality and features they are used to, including:

  • Teams meeting layouts and experiences: Access a variety of Teams-standard layouts, including Gallery, Speaker View, and Large Gallery, catering to different meeting styles and preferences.
  • Raised hand and active speaker indicators: Easily identify who is speaking and who has raised their hand, ensuring a smooth and inclusive meeting experience.
  • Transcription and recording started notifications: Stay informed about the transcription and recording status of the meeting.
  • Guests in lobby notification: Receive alerts when guests join the lobby waiting to join the meeting.
  • PowerPoint® Live notifications: Be notified when someone shares using PowerPoint® Live, so you can open your Teams client and get the full interactive experience.

The Teams-like experiences will automatically be added to the service, there is no action needed to take advantage of it.



Harnessing the power of unified meetings


If you have a Connect Standard plan with ERC-P licensing, and you have not enabled One-Touch Join yet, contact us. When you have enabled One-Touch Join, you simplify the meeting join experience for your users, one touch and you can join virtually any meeting:

  • Your Teams Meetings
  • Any external Guest invite to a Teams meeting
  • Google Meet
  • Zoom
  • Any SIP & H.323 meeting

Customers that deploy and use One-Touch Join to simplify their meeting join experience generally benefit in a number of areas such as

  • Reduced training time and support costs: Familiarity with the Teams-like experience minimizes the need for training and support, saving organizations time and resources.
  • Improved user adoption and satisfaction: The intuitive and familiar interface increases user adoption and satisfaction, leading to more productive meetings.
  • Enhanced collaboration across teams: Unified meetings promote seamless collaboration between teams using different video conferencing systems.



Committed to a strong Microsoft partnership


Our continued commitment to working with Microsoft to drive innovation and user satisfaction is exemplified in our offerings. The Teams-like experience, One Touch-Join, and related features such as SIP Guest Join empower organizations to embrace a unified meeting experience, fostering collaboration, productivity, and a seamless user experience across various video conferencing platforms. With Pexip, organizations are well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of video conferencing and harness the power of unified meetings for a more connected and productive work environment.


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  • Enterprise
  • Government
  • Standardize on Teams
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